Now A Days, Pharmacy profession is growing day by day therefore demand of registered pharmacist’s increases. Therefore, pharmacy profession is to be considered a remarkable position in corporate world. Now, it is necessary to educate pharmacy students with noble techniques and try to develop skill during their course curricula. The syllabus of B. Pharm should be designed so that students should be aware about the latest techniques and methodology therefore more focus should be given in practical along with theory.

As per my view, final year syllabus includes more practical training and students involve in either industrial project or consultancy. Special training should be provided to final year students based on the area of interest.

When such type of education provided to pharmacy students then there will be more chance to develop practical skill to them and then Indian pharmacist also becomes a successful entrepreneur among corporate world.

As per my knowledge, corporate world is continuously growing with noble technical skill therefore it is necessary to aware about new techniques and methods to our students so that they are able to make a successful career in reputed pharmaceutical industries.

Best Engineering College in North India

In India, reputed pharmaceutical institutions provide modern curricula to their students. IIMT College of Pharmacy is one of the best pharmacy institutes in India also tend to educate their students along with practical learning.  Now, this institute becomes an incubation center of MSME where students develop new innovative ideas and obtained financial support from MSME. Here, the students engage themselves in various research projects and publish their innovations in a reputed pharmaceutical journal that assist their placement in reputed pharmaceutical industry.

IIMT College of Pharmacy is one of the oldest pharmacy institutions therefore alumni of this institute hold a reputed position in the pharmaceutical corporate world. IIMT alumni’s always connect with IIMT and time to time pass their corporate experiences to current IIMT students. At last, I would like to share that IIMT College of Pharmacy committed to delivered skilled pharmacist for the betterment of society as well as pharmaceutical corporate world.