IT Job

IT stands for Information Technology. Information technology is the study of information store and application retrieve, transmit information and data. Diploma in Information Technology is a 3 years course. After passing 10th standard, students are eligible to opt and pursue this program. Diploma in Information technology is a short term course which can provide various job opportunities.

IT courses having Diploma, undergraduate and post graduate both course which are related with information technology and computer applications. This course provides Knowledge in different computer applications to solve real time problem through computer applications. It makes life and work easy. The course includes various subjects and programming languages such as Java and C++, data structure, networking and others.

Information Technology course is one of the popular and demanding courses that makes student career bright in the field IT (Information Technology). 

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Students those who are completing Information Technology course have lots of job option in the Information Technology and computer software field.. This is the age of computer application and IT, where without computer applications no individual can survive and work in the office due to the boom in the technology arena,  many of MNC Companies are growing  and exploring there business  in India.

The opportunities after Computer Science course available across the country and abroad.  Students may go for higher studies and can opt BCA, MCA or M.Sc. (IT).

There are various job opportunities in IT field are:

  • Teacher & Lecturer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Software Developer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Service Support Specialist

Future of the course:

Information Technology is one of the best demanding courses under the IT sector. Student can find a job in TOP IT MNCs companies like IBM, Oracle, Infosys, and Google. After this course student can work as a system engineer, junior programmer, web developer or as a system administrator.

Information Technology is one of the high demanded sectors for the major employment providers in India and in the different various countries.

There are various opportunities for IT graduates like government sector, public sector or private sector in India.

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