Most of the time, it is seen that patients are not taking medicines as per the advice of the medical doctors or dependent on self medication practice. But in the present scenario, patients should adhere to medication practices. Medicines are an integral part of a patient suffering from ailments or diseases or disorders. Most of the time it is kept in the mind of the patient that proper medication through proper prescription issued by the doctors. Some basic tips for adhering to medication should be followed by the patients.

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  1. Understanding the patient’s medicine taking behaviors: The patient should take the medicines as per the prescription prescribed by the doctors. They should follow the instructions, e.g. Take the medicine in empty stomach.
  2. Side effects of the medicines: The patient should be informed about possible side effects of the medicines, particularly for steroids.
  3. Writing Instructions: The patient should be provided writing Instructions on the envelopes through which medicines are dispensed.
  4. Collaboration with the patient: Doctor and pharmacist should collaborate with the patient so that patient can adhere to medication.
  5. Financial Burdens: It is one of the important factors for which sometimes adherence goes into veins. It can be overcome by providing alternative medicine against prescribed medicines.
  6. Complexity Reduction: For adherence, complexity in the prescription should be kept very low.
  7. Following Up with the patient: The patient should be informed through mobile and technology based reminders so that not a single dose of medicine is missed by the patient.
  8. Engagement of Dispensing and Community Pharmacist: The DCP should play a pivotal role in the adherence to medication for the patient. They should provide all the necessary updates related to the medicines to the patient so that the patient can attain highest degree of adherence to medication.