IIMT College of Engineering, Greater Noida

Creation, development, analysis and programming are the building blocks of the nation.  These are the things done by engineers for making daily life ease with comforts. The restrains of physics, the boundaries of the manufacturing technology, the limitations forced by current material properties, necessities in the field of health, protection and expenditure, all of these are things that engineer must bear in mind working or scheming on some project or plans.  Engineers are trained to recognize and solve these problems, but to recognize and solve them; engineers have to have a very particular set of skills, skills that are acquired over a long career, skills that enable engineers to solve the problems that might come in the guise of challenges.  So this is very important to choose a college keeping all the facts into the mind. In this digital era, when a student can sit in a chair to know about each and every little aspect of the institute just by gliding his/her fingers over his/her phone.  It has become quite easy to know about any organization for these wisdom hunters. In this regard, IIMT Greater Noida is The Best Private Engineering College in India, providing interdisciplinary knowledge through various courses. It always focuses on overall development of the students that’s why it has achieved its place in Top 10 Engineering College in UP.  The education sector is the foundation pillar for the major growth of the nation.  This sector in our country is booming and its future is very bright with the upcoming policies made by Indian Govt. The largest ratio of the population in India is young brains that are ready to learn for the progress of the nation well as for an individual.

 Knowledge hunger brains truly deserve an institute like IIMT College of Engineering, Greater Noida that can make their dreams true with right guidance. With the help of an effective digital marking team, IIMT Greater Noida has started B. Tech admission 2021 in AI, CS, EC, IT, ME, CIVIL along with other  fruitful and creative courses that can reach millions from a single location with the help of social media platforms such as FB, Instagram, Google or various search engine. IIMT Greater Noida believes that a good aspirant pays meticulous attention to the smallest of details. The management recognizes that the slightest error may cause a structure to stop working, a system to break down or a future to misguide. That’s why in place of providing sky-scraping resonance about institute, they have focused to highlight the sparking strength of the college with utmost honesty. The good management knows that their success depends on their ability to control the complexities of life. The motto of IIMT is qualitative education instead of quantitative education.Quality education can be best determined through the accreditation given to a particular institution by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council). NAAC accreditation helps the institutes to know its strengths, opportunities, and weaknesses through an informed review procedure.  NAAC gives accreditation to institutions after assessing specific parameters that are: Teaching-Learning process & Evaluation scheme, Infrastructure & Resources, Research & Innovations, Curricular Aspects, Governance, Leadership & Management, and Student Support & Progression. A college that is awarded NAAC accreditation certainly meets certain standards of excellence which are essentials for the growth of the students. An accreditation attracts various companies and provides diversity of career opportunities available to students. IIMT College of Engineering is quite responsive to the challenges that may come in the future life of the students that’s why it is having NAAC accreditation. The organization is also vibrant and alert with research activities carrying out the projects sponsored by various funding agencies. IIMT group understand that quality education aims at developing a balanced set of capabilities in students which they require for becoming economically productive as well as mentally strong so that they can serve to the nation as a responsible citizen of India.