Data Science

Data, a by-product of connected world. if this data is not interrupted and analyzed then all these are data are futile. Thus, Data science comes into act that uses various visualizing tools, algorithms from all streams and machine learning principles to opt and make predictions of the organizations, based on the analysis. This has broadened the lucrative options available as career options. Almost all the industries and organizations rely on Data analysts to covert complex raw data into a suitable organizations format and analyze the data. They help in organizational decision making. The technical position, Data Scientist design the methods to capture, process and analyze the data using computer science algorithms, mathematical theories and statistical methods to uncover hidden data patterns and predict the market trends, hence he needs the assistance of Machine Learning Engineer, who use programming frameworks to refine the raw data that is being captured.

Machine Learning Scientists research new data approaches and algorithms to be used in adaptive systems. Data Engineers are needed to build various data visualizations that required for company stakeholders, summarized reports to managers and involved in various data retrieval and optimization process. To create efficient business models and strategic plans for business by defining key performing indications and implement data warehouse strategies by mining large data using advanced mining software, there is need of Business Intelligence Analysts.

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Data Architects build the database frameworks based on business needs, design database architecture and maintain company’s data ecosystem. The data findings and insights are used to make critical business decisions. To predict and identify potential opportunities based on the data analysis and presenting it to stakeholders is the responsible of Statistical Analyst. Every enterprise appoints an Enterprise and IT Infrastructure Architects to setup IT architecture, maintain IT frameworks and detect and prevent IT failures. Every business need application and user interface to run business efficiently, therefore Applications architect keep track of various application functions and user interaction within the firm.