English is not a foreign language now for the natives of India. It has earned a second place in our constitution. It has acquired its new and globally acceptable accent in this country. This is why 60 percent BPO and KPO industries from the world are in India. So, the term given to this new version is Indian English. The people of this country call it their own language, a thread to tie all the people of the nation together. English has carved out its own business world, and thus has earned an accolade of rising out as a trade or business language of the world. Chetan Bhagat, an eminent author and motivational speaker upholds that those who know how to communicate in English through voice or text, earn far more than the non-English speakers. Now, it has become a need of the time that essentially those who are doing professional programmes, must acquire fluency in English and writing expertise as well. For these aspirants, here are given some tips to the following with a utter belief they must benefit from these:

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  1. Think in English and use it for daily needs: One cannot acquire speaking skill in English merely by reading newspaper, novels, or any next or by watching TV shows. Can’t you believe that speaking will come by speaking, as for walking one must have to walk, for driving one must have to drive; similarly for writing one must have to write? In the same way, for speaking in English one must have to speak. The more one speaks one will learn it more confidently and quickly. So, be regular, and talk in English for 10 minutes every day to the speaking partner. If
    the partner is not available, speak to your mirror image.
  2. They say, habit makes, even so difficult work, very easy. You have to develop disposition to do every work with an angle of “think in English”. When you drive or walk to anywhere and you have music system with you in your car, or in your pocket, listen to it. Sing along with listening to second time. Definitely some words will engrave in your brain, and will support you while speaking in English other time.
  3. This is true; speaking in English comes by speaking, but you cannot ignore other skills of communication like speaking, writing, listening, vocabulary and grammar. Since one skill helps other; say, one is a complementary to other. So, you have to balance one skill with other. Schedule all skills on regular basis.
  4. Bring pied beauty of conversation in English. This is possible when you mix a flavor of varied styles. Don’t ever use formal style which makes the conversation direct and unemotional. So to fill the gap, fry your speaking with personal style. To bring up with this, one has to use idioms, and figures of speech in your communication. So now, listen to the TV soaps where the people use slang and figurative language. This way, your language will become spicy to impress the person in conversation with you. Yes, this type of style is not allowed in formal communication.
  5. Don’t get down if you are not good at vocabulary. There are some rules in grammar to remember more words easily. You can learn the technique to find out words within a word. For example, find out words in the root “act” raptly; many more words are there. Words available in the root are action, active, inactive, actor, actress, activate, acting, enact and many more. Some more techniques like how to use suffix, and prefix can help you to make new words keeping old ones in your mind.
  6. Don’t think much about grammar. It pulls you down by blocking flow of thoughts. I hope you must have seen the movie “PAD MAN”. If not seen, go and watch this movie. An awesome flick to make you proud of your frugal vocabulary and poor grammar. The protagonist of the movie, Akshaya Kumar uses phrases, parts of a voice to express his thoughts. He makes a much use of his body language. He uses minimum words and maximum usage of gestures to connect with people. And he succeeds, and makes a never ending impact upon the audience. So, connect to the listener. This is a real sense of communication to connect to the listener. It doesn’t matter if you know grammar or rich vocabulary.

Finally, this is up to you whether you find it a necessity to learn speaking in English or not. Students at best engineering colleges in Greater Noida keep on practicing regularly. Believe me, wand off the ghost of English grammar. Start with word with using proper body gestures in maximum use. Then switch to phrases; then to the sentences and finally to the stories and big texts. When you find it difficult to say your minds, borrow words from your native language with proper accent, and switch to English. I am sure if you follow these granules you will acquire fluency in English very soon.