Mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the core engineering branch which is the back bone of all engineering branches i.e. Mechanical engineering is an evergreen branch. (Without MECH not possible TECH). There are number of technical skill which is required but the main skills which is needed for mechanical engineer are

1. Problem Solving
Every mechanical engineer should have problem solving skill.  Mechanical engineers work with different people from other departments to find solutions of different problems that cannot tackle on their own. For that, mechanical engineers may need to collaborate with different area engineers to solve a manufacturing problem.

2. Creativity
Mechanical engineers have to design and develop the complicated products. In the case of mechanical engineers, the products may be anything from robots to environmentally friendly power generation. Therefore creativity for mechanical engineer is very essential skill.

3. Clear communication abilities
Good written and communication skills are needed for mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering always involve complex processes and machines. Therefore they may have to explain the mechanism of mechanical system and products. The ability to communicate mechanism of mechanical system and products clearly and should explain any technical terms to a non-technical person. Therefore clear communication for mechanical engineers is very essential skill for customer satisfaction.

4. Leadership skills
Mechanical engineers have to work with a team of different departments with different steams to solve the issues in mechanical systems. Therefore excellent leadership skills will help the mechanical engineer to handle both technical and non-technical working people.

5. Mathematics
Mechanical engineers have to design and develop the complicated products. Therefore during the design of product they have to solve complicated mathematical equation. Therefore mathematical skill is very essential skill for good mechanical engineering.