In both the private and public sectors, there are several jobs after BCA and for BCA freshers. There are some job openings in the Government sectors like banks, defense, etc., where only BCA degree holders can apply. Also, in public enterprises like NTPC, BHEL, SAIL, there are many roles for BCA graduates in the IT department. Checkout Type Of Jobs for BCA Students here.

Type Of Jobs for BCA Students

Many leading private IT companies give BCA graduates attractive work prospects with above-average pay packages. BCA job profiles include Programmer, System’s Engineer, Web Developer, Software Developer, Ethical Hacker, Multimedia Developer, and many more. BCA salary in India can vary from 2-20 LPA depending on experience, skillset, location, organization, and other relevant factors.

•  Freelancing: One of the BCA career options is to become a freelance programmer. Many small companies or startups out-source their programming assignments to freelancers to people with relevant degrees and knowledge.

Companies for BCA Students

BCA is an undergraduate course, which consists of the learning of several languages. This course is similar to that of the B. Tech programme in Computer Science and Information Technology. Here, we take a closer look at one of the top ten companies to work with, and after the completion of your d & o, as shown below.

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1. Hp

2. Flipkart

3. Instagram

4. Aricent

5. Cinder

6. Stay-up-to-date

7. Putney

8. Snapdeal

9. Executive summary

10. Wns

11. Power

The best countries to

Below is a list of all the best places, and provides jobs for BCA graduates

• * London

• UNITED States of america

• Dubai

. Australia

That’s it in Type Of Jobs for BCA Students. For any Further Query Just Make A Call .