IIMT College of Pharmacy

If you are doing pharmacy form any pharmacy college, then student can expect to get sound knowledge and placement in respective field. Every college should give the students an ambiance to nurture their inner skills and qualities. A platform should be offered for each and every student to gets a chance to liberally assume and extend his skills to the highest. Moral values with quality learning should be cultured only through lucid ways of thoughts and the stage. Students are to a provided pathway to be skilled to move toward with their ideas and proposition in any aspect of education, particularly focused on inventive research.

Colleges must stress to give industrialized and practical experience. Scientific and practical training should be modern and to be made a part of the curriculum. Research learning way of learning is more useful rather than ambush up a lot of hypotheses. Students should be equipped of what are the latest changes going on in the field of pharmacy. A student should be provided an environment to learn and evaluate him/her, try to continuously improve his knowledge levels

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The consideration of the advanced technique should be made readily accessible so that the flow of knowledge and in sequence among natives, venture, and institute.

A structure in the college where new solutions or investigate with penalties and potentials must be nurtured and rapidly applied. The invention will become innovative when they produce outcomes that are helpful to human beings. Novelty culture and private enterprise are the two key elements for building a successful ecosystem. The Indian pharmacy colleges and institutions must change their mindset to promote innovation culture by creating an atmosphere and encourage youthful minds with ideas and opinions out of box approaches.

1.     The strong role of colleges is crucial: Based on the understanding triangle, i.e. Synergy between do research, education, and innovation.

2.     Update the Triple Helix cooperation: academy – manufacturing – city.

3.     Live labs and user-driven innovation: Focus on people and progression.

4.     Offer a global benchmark that may assist policy-makers in identifying the comparative strength and weaknesses of their educational systems

5.     Provide high-quality information that will add to students understanding of key college- and non-college-based factors that influence teaching and learning

6.     Provide high-quality data which will serve as a reserve for identifying areas of concern and action, and for prepare and evaluate educational reforms

7.     Contribute to the development of the worldwide community of researchers in educational evaluation

8.     Professional brilliance and knowledge.

9.     Chance for students to decide their subject of curiosity.

10.                        Normal and rational way of occupation progress.

11.                        Paying attention and career-oriented advance towards learning.