IIMT College of Pharmacy

Diploma in pharmacy course is almost available in every region of India; it is a short range course for aspirants who wish to start their in pharmacy. The course is ideally for those who are planning to start their business venture in pharmacy particularly the drug distributions and dispensing. The unavailability of primary health care has lead to huge demand in services of pharmacist through the dispensing and counseling. As a result the two year d pharmacy course is in huge demand in all part of the country and it will remain until with good primary health care system is established,  and not only that covid-19 pandemic has created much more impact on the requirement of pharmacist. So the ubiquity of D.Pharma course is going to remain increasing since pharmacist to patient ratio is very low in most of the northern states.

D.Pharma is a valuable determined course which is intended to educate the candidates in all basic concepts of pharmaceutical science like:

  • Safe and precise dispensation of prescriptions
  • Dispensing and compounding of medicine
  • precise record custody as requisite over Food and Drug Act
  • procure ,generate and Inventory control
  • Third party Billing
  • medicine consent process
  • Narcotics control
  • Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence(laws regulating the profession of pharmacy)
  • Regulatory supplies concerning testing and medical trials of drugs
  • Computer dispensation
  • Patient source relations

Since Most of the fresh diploma holders are trained in government hospitals and are good in counseling patients in basic medical care.

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The new e-pharmacy retail chains are expanding continuously and that result in huge recruitment for the pharmacy students in most of the urban area. Also government sector establishing new medical setup due to covid-19 in rural area creating new opportunities for pharmacists.

The course is well regulated by pharmacy council of India, New Delhi and it has already taken steps by executing moratorium to start new pharmacy across India, to control mushrooming of institutes and to avoid degradation of quality among the students.