Before discussing the advantages of an MBA, does one know why numerous people choose an MBA after B Tech., it is because their journey results in a couple of finite options:

  • According to business today 80% of engineers are not fit hiring. So, pass-outs with a BTech degree find yourself doing nothing, an outsized number of them do not even get employment for months maybe a year or two. They find yourself doing small jobs, or are mostly chilling, traveling, and enjoying catching up on the years they spent studying.
  • Well, a little number of engineers get employment from campus interviews, if you are skilled enough, you will be one among these lucky students. Otherwise, the remainder of them need to hustle and keep trying to find jobs on their own.
  • Students after BTech tend to pursue either MTech or MS abroad in hope of getting a far better package. this might help them get employment during a foreign country.
  • BTech students tend to offer entrepreneurship an opportunity, they need to ascertain whether they are capable enough to handle business because BTech is not exactly providing them a secure 9-5 job.
  • Almost every city is offering a training class, which helps students to find out different subjects like digital marketing, designing, AI, management, etc.

Now let us revisit as to if an MBA may be a good option after engineering or not. It is because let me tell you that the majority of the BTech students are employed and unsatisfied, as they wasted years studying engineering that led to zilch.

In India engineering may be a default path for college kids, chosen by their parents or thanks to peer pressure. Students consider MBA after B.Tech because it offers decent jobs and that they do not need to struggle for one, like within the case of BTech.

MBA Best College in India

A lot of times, B Tech graduates tend to try to employment for a few of years, gain some experience, and pursue their field of their choice. There are many that are not sure about how an MBA after B.Tech. will lead them to a path of success. you want to be wondering that is it even worth doing MBA after B.Tech.