A common myth is that Mechanical Engineering is not connected to any type of computer interface. Even Mechanical Engineers often hate computer programming and loss many opportunities . As we move into the future tied to electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and automation, the next era of mechanical engineering, aerospace & automotive needs to understand how to integrate mechanical engineering concepts into computer language to simulate ideas. or do them automatically at a faster rate. Python for that matter is a very simple and efficient programming language. It can solve complex problems in just seconds. Even if you are a mechanic / automotive engineer, Python can still be useful to you in most cases. Areas, where Python is used in the mechanical engineering industry, include but are not limited to.

The most popular python application to perform numerical analysis in numerical analysis. If line mathematical problems with ODE / PDE are involved, it will take longer to resolve the problems through analysis. In the case of mechanical engineering, there are often boundary conditions that make it difficult to solve the problems of numerical analysis.

Suppose you are trying to find a pressure difference in a pipe where there is liquid flowing into it. Not only will the problem take forever to be solved, but it will also be very difficult to find the exact values ​​or to set the difference in the graph. With programming languages, you can solve such problems in just seconds and get image simulations at the same time.

Python can be used to solve old thermodynamics problems. Whether your problem involves chemical kinetics or fluid dynamics, you can write a code to solve the problem and save your time in the field of computational fluid dynamics, Python has a great application. To mimic problems in CFD software, you will need to write your scripts in programming languages ​​such as MATLAB / Python.

Python is also used in other areas of mechanical engineering such as vibration and dynamic motion, simulation and modeling engineering etc. The automotive and automotive industries use python to perform tasks automatically. Even if the text is written in another programming language, it is rewritten in Python before it is automated as it is the most common language and therefore communication between industry and codes.

Looking at the worksheet for companies like Tesla, Mercedes Benz and Boeing, etc. indicates that they hire and select mechanical engineers who can code.