World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day is observed on July 28 every year on the birth anniversary of Dr. Blumberg (28 July 1925, USA). He and his team of researchers discovered the virus in 1967 and invented the World’s first hepatitis B vaccine in 1969. In 1976, Dr. Blumberg won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his achievement.

Hepatitis is a kind of infection of the liver. Inflammation & swelling that occurs whilst tissues of the frame are injured or inflamed and can harm your liver. This swelling and harm can have an effect on your liver functions. Hepatitis may be an acute (short-term) contamination or a continual (lengthy-term) contamination. Some kinds of hepatitis purpose best acute infections. Other sorts can purpose each acute and continual infections.

World Hepatitis Day is observed with the aims to raise global awareness on hepatitis. The theme of World Hepatitis Day this year is ‘Hepatitis Can’t Wait’. The idea behind this is to bring awareness about Hepatitis and ensure that Hepatitis is not ignored even during Covid-19 pandemic. It states that even during the COVID-19 crisis, they cannot wait to act against hepatitis.

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Hepatitis is a major cause of liver aliments and poses a serious health problem throughout the world. Hepatitis is a disease featuring inflammation of the liver and can cause mild to severe illness. Hepatitis is a waterborne disease and spreads through infected food and water. Poor sanitation and lack of basic hygiene are common causes for the spread of Hepatitis. It can also spread by direct contact with an infected person. Most people recover from hepatitis, but It can be fatal sometime Safe and effective vaccines are available at affordable price to prevent hepatitis National Viral Hepatitis Control Program was launched in July, 2018 under National Health Mission by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. The aim of the program is to eradicate hepatitis from the country by 2030.