Now a days BCA Course is very demanding in the market. The BCA programme is divided into six semesters, with each semester, including five of the theoretical and practical knowledge. It is the fifth-and sixth academic year to expose students to engineering education and training, and the project is in fact the empirical results of training, respectively. In addition, as the curriculum for each period, the work is focused on the individual, the development and refinement of students ‘ skills in communication. It focuses on preparing the students through innovative education, in order to compete in a professional environment, and thought-provoking research, strong development skills, and who are willing to learn the discourse of the students. This strategy is designed to help students achieve success in their careers in the field of research and analytical consulting


The main objective is to develop students ‘ computational knowledge, technical and professional capacity, to make them competent, so that they are able to solve the problem of employment in the information technology industry. Our focus is on equipping students with the skills and training for people in various industry-specific requirements in the field of software development and web technologies. The training, the students of the various tools, platforms, understand, analyze, design, and the creation of innovative software applications. There is a lot of opportunities in market, when your completed your BCA Course.

To help the students to internalize the professional and ethical statements through the creation of effective communication skills, ability to work in a group, is a multi-disciplinary approach, and to enhance the ability to integrate the software from the broader social context. Each and every student, to the professional, the outlook is formed by a soft-skills training, and career development programming. The students, and to participate in seminars, workshops and conferences.