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Artificial Intelligence is an arising field; moment, it’s known as weak AI (Due to limitations). But the future of artificial intelligence is about erecting strong AI. Right now, AI can beat humans in some specific tasks only, but in the future, it’s anticipated of AI to beat a mortal in all cognitive tasks. Surely it has its consequences which would be positive as well as negative. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a trending occupation within arising technology fields as well as a frequent content among mainstream media. Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to machine literacy technology and was a term first chased by John McCarthy (the father of AI”) in i1956 during his conference on the subject, although Vannevar Bush and Alan Turing had formerly been exploring the conception of machines being suitable to suppose for several times.

Major Fields of Artificial Intelligence in Future AI is diversified to nearly all the fields, and we’d bandy the future of AI in following the major field.

1. Health Care Diligence- India is second of the worlds’ population that makes it the alternate largest country in terms of China’s population. Health care installations aren’t available to all individualities living in the country. It’s because of the lack of good croakers, not having good structure, etc. Still, there are people who couldn’t reach to croakers/ hospitals. AI has the capability to give the installation to descry complaint grounded on symptoms; indeed if you don’t go to the croaker , AI would read the data from Fitness band/ medical history of an individual to dissect the pattern and suggest proper drug and indeed deliver it ion one’s fingertips just through cellphone.

2. AI in Education- The development of a country depends on the quality of education youth is getting. Right now, we can see there are lots of courses are available ion AI. But in the unborn AI is going to transfigure the classical way of education. Now the world doesn’t need professed sloggers for manufacturing diligence, which is substantially replaced by robots and robotization. The education system could be relatively effective and can be according to the existent’s personality and capability. It would give chance lustrously scholars to shine and to imbecile a better way to bobby over. Right Education can enhance the power of individualities/ nations; on the other hand, abuse of the same could lead to ruinous results.

3. AI in Finance- An AI system could take a lot number of parameters while figuring out the stylish way to manage finances. It would perform better than a mortal director. AI driven strategies in the field of finance are going to change the classical way of trading and investing. It could be devastating for some fund managing enterprises who can not go similar installations and could affect business on a large scale, as the decision would be quick and abrupt. The competition would be tough and on edge all the time.

4. AI in service and Cybersecurity- Artificial Intelligence supported Military technologies have erected independent armament systems, which won’t need humans at all hence erecting the safest way to enhance the security of a nation. We could see robot service in the near future, which is as intelligent as a dogface/ troop and will be suitable to perform some tasks.