Top B.Tech College for ECE in Greater Noida

IIMT College of Engineering is a top B. Tech College for ECE in Greater Noida. Electronics and Communication Engineering, generally involves activities such as designing, constructing and maintaining satellites to televisions and internet. Due to high -tech development in electronics, video and audio communication; Electronics Engineering is constantly improving the communication system. An electronics engineer is exposed to several technologies for connecting the world.

It is a perpetually demanding environment to be in. the Electronics Engineering at IIMT College of Engineering produces graduates who become leaders in various fields like academia, industry, and the government. The career stems out from various technological needs of the society. Electronics and Communication Engineering is the core branch of Engineering.

It is also the oldest and plays crucial role in every new invention in technology. IIMT being the top B. Tech college in Greater Noida develops students to a sound knowledge of the subject to have a better insight of electronics and communication systems.


The labs at Electronics and Communication Engineering department of IIMT College of Engineering are well planned and well maintained to impart the best learning to the students. Electronic devices and circuits Labs along with electronic measurement and Instrumentation Lab are modernized from time to time.

Students taking admission in this branch learn about circuits, electronic devices, communication equipment like transmitters, receiver, integrated circuits etc. They are also taught about the working of electronic equipment like satellite, television, radio and audio transmission and it’s working. This particular branch of Engineering has gained tremendous boost in the last two decades, with the increase in hardware and software interdependency.

The theory and practical applications technically up skills the students in professional designing, testing, developing, implementation and maintaining various applications in the field of electronics and communication engineering.


The Electronics and Communication Engineering branch is gaining utmost prominence due to recent innovations. Embedded systems, VLSI, Machine learning and Data structures are top trending subjects in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. With the influx and advent of electrical vehicles, wireless power transfer, smart grids, energy saving lights etc makes Electronics and Communication Engineering in huge demand.

FUTURE AND CAREER PROSPECTS IN Electronics and Communication Engineering:

Electronics and Communication Engineering has a wide opportunity at entry level as technology analyst and communication engineers. There is always a growing demand for telecom engineers, research and development analyst, software analyst, network planning engineers, technical directors and service engineers.

With the constant growth in this industry there is always a demand for innovative engineers for upcoming technologies. IIMT College of Engineering is one of the top B. Tech colleges in Greater Noida with a world class infrastructure. The pedagogical methods practiced here are excellent and constantly updated with the industry related skills.


Situated in the heart of Delhi NCR, its location gives a boost to the students who take admission here. Being the top most College for B. Tech in ECE in Greater Noida, students who have enrolled have consistently achieved extraordinary placements, procuring positions due to their high proficient standard. The unique blend of engineering and holistic education ensures an advantageous career path for students in this field.

Being the top most college for Electronics and Communication Engineering, it ensures that implementation of all kinds of learning between humans and machine interface is taught. The College also ensures that all facilities are time and again upgraded for the growth of the students and faculties. IIMT was established in 2006 with the sole objective of transforming youth into best professionals.


IIMT as one of the top B. Tech Colleges for ECE in Greater Noida , provides a promising future and career development path for keen learners of technological advancement. The world that we are living in today is going through a rapid technological advancement and transformation, thus integrating technical expertise and holistic upliftment, our students become indispensable assets for the industries. Their proficiency in synchronizing both roles make them treasured patrons in this ever-evolving scenario.

The campus is well laid out architecturally, in a pollution free environment of Greater Noida. The breath-taking ambience, aesthetically planned landscape provides stimuli in learning experience to students while pursuing   their professional degree.

The campus boasts of lush green lawns, evenly spaced -out campus-buildings that provide aesthetic appeal in learning environment. The extraordinary standard gives students an edge when compared with other colleges of Greater Noida.

They are led to understand various manufacturing process at the ground level itself. Being the top B. Tech College, we ensure that the students gain enough practical knowledge about the working environment The students are given an opportunity to connect with the best in the industry and learn from their experiences.

Many national and international conferences for acquisition of knowledge and looking at new perspectives are organized. Cultural vibrancy is evident throughout the student life at IIMT. Being the top most College in ECE, various festivals are organized to infuse new energy.

D.J. nights are organized for enjoyment and thrill of the students. Various celebrities like Manoj Bajpai, Katrina kaif etc. are invited to enthrall the students with their unmatchable energy.

The annual festival ‘SWALAKSHAYA’ is organized with ardent flavor. It is the time for all to come together for a multi talent show. This tech fest is enjoyed like any other cultural show where various kinds of entertainment and performances are displayed. Sports show is also an integral part of this festival. Indoor and outdoor games are played with equal zest.

The campus is well lit with vibrant colors of impeccable performances. Sumptuous food is provided at various food stalls. Students coming from various states provide a glimpse of their ethnicity. thus, electrifying the atmosphere for all.

IIMT also leads in providing the best possible facilities in sports. Various resources are available for outdoor games like cricket, football, and indoor games like chess etc. at campus. The institute lays enough emphasis on physical fitness along with recreation.

We are considered top B. Tech College for ECE in Greater Noida for providing operational cricket and shooting Academy. Separate boarding and lodging facilities for girls and boys provide a home away from home, providing healthy and hygienic food all day long for a comfortable and easy stay here in Greater Noida.

Students, in the past have had a very enjoyable stay in these hostels since all facilities are provided within the four walls of the campus. Well-equipped and scientifically laid out gymnasium is an added attraction for all those who are fitness freaks.

A community channel with invigorating RJ’S is the uniqueness of this College. They not only provide entertainment but also educate through various talk shows and debates. They also educate the local community on varied topics like health, culture, social and religious topics to impart practical knowledge of audio and video production.

IIMT is top most B. Tech college for ECE in Greater Noida because it has created a winning edge among the other colleges of Uttar Pradesh. It has tie-ups and collaborations with corporates like Toyota for imparting automotive training.

With the aim of producing well qualified engineers, we have a tie-up with ISTE and Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna, too. We also have the largest IIMT incubation center in northern India, with a wide network of investors, certainly helping students in gaining confidence. We also provide industrial certification leading to best placements nationally and internationally.

NAAC and NBA accreditations, significantly help it in making it to the top league of institutions in Greater Noida, comparable to none. Various other institutions and college cannot be compared in any way with our standards and Pedagogical approach, which benefits the students immensely, developing their all-round personality to face the world.

Keeping in line with the high ranking, there’s never a dull moment to spare here as the campus is constantly beaming with energy, engaging students from cultural to sports. Life in campus is the benchmark for all universities and institutions in Greater Noida, with national and international celebrities gracing the massive campus regularly.

Students admitted here hail from different walks of life and from different states of India ensuring a diverse and culturally rich crowd to interact with. Do check Best B.Tech College in Noida

Top B.Tech College for ECE in Greater Noida

Students admitted here are ensured a smooth sailing with able and learned faculties to guide them all through their time spent here. When they pass out from here, they are enriched not only with their degree but various other skills are inculcated in them, which get enhanced by the time they pass out from here.

They are proud Engineers, ready for the world in all sense. Their pride of being a part of this prestigious institution reflects in them. With their placements intact under their belt and gratitude in their personality, we wish them good luck for their future. in Computer Science




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