Best B.Tech College for ME in Greater Noida 

 IIMT is considered the best B.Tech college for ME in Greater Noida, for it seamlessly provides relevant technological inputs to develop competence in mechanical engineering. History has proven that mechanical engineers have built and transformed society through their major innovations.

ME has it’s roots in revolutionizing automated engineering to focus on creating technologies to meet a wide range of human needs. Mechanical Engineers get to work in a variety of industries, to planning and designing anything that moves from small machines to satellites.


Being the best  B.Tech college in ME in Greater Noida, our curriculum stimulates students to give them an expertise needed to tackle real -world issues and the ability to solve problems which are related to industry and society. The course is substantially designed to be relevant to the needs of modern ever changing industry. Through flexible learning of the curriculum, one gets an accredited degree to become an able and sure footed engineer.

Best B.Tech College for ME in Greater Noida

The years spent here will further kindle the passion necessary to address the societal challenges. A foundational Engineering disciplined student is accepted  in the fields of energy, transportation, manufacturing, robotics. Mechanical Engineering branch also covers development of public infrastructure. 

A fine blend of mechatronics and robotics, structural analysis, thermodynamics, and  engineering design is taught here using various devices like MEMS and biological and nanotechnological applications.

The world is undergoing a fast paced change created and enabled by fundamental scientific and digital revolutions .The Mechanical Engineering course at IIMT prepares students for resolving anything under computational and mechanical techniques and gears them for leadership in the industry, various labs and academic research and innovations. Our qualified and self-driven faculty motivates students passionately to foster an environment conducive for learning and discovery.


Being the best B.Tech college for Mechanical Engineering in Greater Noida , we do not focus on theory alone. Practical experience and exposure is a novelty for various experiences in this field. We have the best Mechanical Engineering Labs where students get hands on experience on the real world equipment.

The experimental facilities accelerates manufacturing research and experimentation to overcome barriers between knowledge creation and it’s transfer for the advancement of society. IIMT’s Mechanical Engineering branch is dedicated to remove all obstacles for engineering research to integrate it into industrial application to change the game for industry both financially and environmentally.

IIMT is very aesthetically designed to give students an additional source of inspiration to unleash their creativity. The infrastructure of IIMT is too comfortable and pollution free. The campus is spread across several acres. spacious and smart class-rooms, fully air-conditioned conference and seminar halls, equipped with LCD/ Computer Projectors are for usage of all. We have English Language Labs for improvement of communication skills and well equipped latest software set up with high speed internet facility.

Best B.Tech College for ME in Greater Noida

There are more than 250 laboratories and a well-endowed library with 4,00,000 publications and about 500 national and international journals.

For improvement and maintaining of health, gyms with well equipped latest machines are provided. Banking facility through two operating ATM machines are also provided. There’s a centralized cafeteria located in the heart of college ,with several other mini refreshment joints sprawled in the lush green campus. Do check : Best College in Noida


Most of our alumni’s have built successful careers throughout the world. Mechanical Engineering is a diverse field and majority of theses engineers are absorbed in aerospace, automotive, energy, manufacturing and consultancy. 

They can choose varied  roles in product design, and design and manufacturing, project development and research development. The knowledge , understanding ,training given at the best B. Tech college for Mechanical Engineering in Greater Noida makes you industry ready and successful in jobs and entrepreneurial journey. 

Good and reputed colleges like IIMT have a tremendous placement record too. The students are well prepared and ready to face the world. India is a strong and developing nation and engineers are required at a great speed to support the government. Thus , after the completion of B. Tech degree , one can also appear for competitive  exams as per their choice.


We at IIMT believe in the transformative power of technical education to help people of the world live in harmonious situations. Mechanical Engineers are strongly enclosing the gaps and responding to the needs of various technical businesses and forging strong industry links for the citizens of the world.

IIMT being the best for Mechanical Engineering in Greater Noida connects the students well with the industry to build sustainable  relations. Providing best skilled labor employment to the industry with strong academic record is the realistic scenario that IIMT  is trying to build. The young engineers of today possess incredible energy to learn and practice the same. 

The rapid industrialization and digitization will require engineers as an incremental force to see the impactful growth of the nation. Globally, we are inter connected , thus we face global challenges also together. As we are constantly upgrading ,and learning from our past experiences, we want all to gain rich experience and make the world a better place for all.


Besides having national and international conferences for additional expansion of knowledge and looking at new perspectives, IIMT  tries to establish an academically strong environment for the betterment of the new generation providing them opportunities for the exploration of new problems and their solutions.

Being the top most for Mechanical Engineering in Greater Noida, engineers are engaged in research as well . Research helps unlock the unknown and here we let you explore the world from a technical perspective.  With expert faculty’s help you update, upgrade ,and build your credibility. Research is a tool for today to build knowledge and efficient learning. Scientific research and new insights definitely show the scientific progress.

Cultural vibrancy is established throughout the student life spent at IIMT. Various fests and festivals are organized to infuse new energy in the students. DJ nights are organized for enjoyment and thrill. All work and no play can make everyone dull ,thus various celebrities like Manoj Bajpai, Katrina kaif, etc are invited to the campus to enthrall and entertain the students with  their unmatchable energy. The students relax and enjoy these activities to the hilt.

The annual festival ‘SWALAKSHYA’ is organized with gusto and fervor. It is the time for all to come together and enjoy a multi talent show. This tech fest is enjoyed like any other cultural show where performances like nukkad natak, rangoli making , group dance etc is enjoyed.

A community channel with invigorating RJ’s is the uniqueness of this college. They educate the local community as well on varied topics like health, culture , social and religious in order to impart practical knowledge of audio and video production.


NAAC accreditation significantly makes it into the top B. Tech college for Mechanical Engineering in Greater Noida. Keeping in line with the high standards of it’s ranking , IIMT always aims for best opportunities for its students. We help students to push their limits and go beyond.


Greater Noida’s proximity to Delhi proves to be an added advantage for the people who are admitted here. IIMT Greater Noida is close to Delhi , Noida and Gurgaon. Thus industrial visits are realistically plausible and students are able to get enough hands on practical experience. Internships and placements become easier and to the advantage of the students studying  here. 

Various engineering companies have their offices here in Delhi NCR. Thus it becomes advantageous for anyone. The placement drives gives an edge to various applicants . Students get to travel to these locations for their interviews easily because the metro connectivity from Greater Noida to all over Delhi NCR is easily managed. There are several metro stations in Greater Noida with enough frequency of metro trains for commuters.


The area in and around IIMT is very conducive for studies. There’s lots of greenery and sprawled , well manicured lawns, for students to breathe fresh air. The pollution levels are very high in adjoining areas of Greater Noida but within the city it is very clean . The broad roads and large trees are an add on. The Yamuna Expressway is another advantage for commuters, who wish to travel everyday. People living close by find the atmosphere very clean in Greater Noida.

Healthy living is an advantage in modern times .Greater Noida provides you just that. The youth of today understands it better than it’s previous generations that in this rapid industrialization and digitization times , health is an important factor ,which can not be neglected.

Best B.Tech College for ME in Greater Noida


Engineers are an indispensable part of our society . It is one of the  most sought after professions in the world. IIMT has proved that it’s the Top B.Tech college for mechanical engineers in Delhi NCR. With rapid technological and digital advancement the engineering services are being used in every industry like banking, tourism, finance, retail etc. Mechanical Engineering students are the largest generation in the modern work force. in Computer Science

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