Best B.Tech College in NCR Delhi 

IIMT is the best B .Tech college in Delhi NCR, for we develop and raise learners of today to lead an impactful growth of the Nation with their learning rendered here. We advocate the curriculum to explore different shades of their skill to utilize for future leadership and teamwork.

We keep the curiosity of the student alive through various activities and through essence of learning as he courses and navigates through .We focus not only in class-room learning but also from practical training provided outside the norms of a class-room helping you reach your professional goals seamlessly. We prepare the students to face global challenges, as the world is inter-connected in every aspect, without spoiling our cultural roots.

Experienced and learned faculties engage the students in different learning processes, where collaborative techniques are used to educate and enrich the students with their knowledge, skill and experience.

Faculties take a keen interest in their grooming and improvement of communication skills for their employability .They prepare their students for advancement through their motivational lectures and practical knowledge, so that they are able to navigate through their difficulties and build a lucrative career for themselves.

IIMT Engineering course is distinctive as it equips a student with a broad, genuinely informed, education in engineering fundamentals. Consistently rated as the Best B. Tech College in NCR Delhi

It is rated for it’s qualitative teaching and learning experience. As we are constantly upgrading, learning from our past experiences, to focus ahead for betterment. We want a rich academic experience for all and to make the world a better place for everyone to live in harmony and contentment.

Engineering college like IIMT are pursuing a thriving mission of disseminating knowledge to one and all for the advancement of the society as a whole .This is being practiced from the time of its establishment and now we are doing it with more vigor and determination.

Best B. Tech College in NCR Delhi


At IIMT we challenge conventions to deliver impactful researches in all areas of science and technology. Representation of knowledge through able faculties is the agenda for emerging futuristic engineers. We blend in and re-shape the engineers through essential skills and research orientation. Our researchers are committed to stay in the fore front and strive to go beyond theoretical knowledge, making it a strategic decision for the future success.

We are devoted to advancement of Research as it creates space for innovation. Engineers engage in research because of a strong passion to make lives better. Research is a tool for today to build knowledge and efficient learning. Scientific research and new insights definitely show the scientific progress. Our skilled team of strong professionals guides the students through meaningful collaborations and commitments.



Engineers are an indispensable part of our society. It is one of the sought after professions in the world. IIMT has proved that it’s the best College in Delhi NCR.

With the rapid technological and digital advancement, the engineering services are being used in every industry like, banking, tourism, finance, retail etc , which makes the engineering students as the largest generation in the modern workforce.


The thriving Engineering industry proffers ample employment prospects. The skill and proficiency gained at IIMT, which is the best College in Delhi NCR, finds tremendous recognition amongst the multinational corporations globally.

Being the best in it’s domain IIMT prepares it’s students for employability with high competitiveness in this era of technological advancement. Situated near Noida , Delhi and Gurgaon, it provides ample opportunity for future employment and growth.

It drills and transmits students to become aware of the expectations and demands of the industry. At the best College in Delhi, NCR, we motivate you to face new challenges of the highly advanced technical world.

Best B.Tech College in Delhi NCR


We are true believers in transformative power of higher education to help people achieve their full potential by bridging the gap between knowledge and impact. We are strongly enclosing the gap and responding to the needs of business, forging strong industry connects for our budding engineers. We are rapidly connecting with the industry to build sustainable long term relationship with diverse organizations.

Providing skilled labor, employment to the industry with strong academic record is the realistic scenario that IIMT is trying to bridge. The youth of today possess incredible energy to learn and practice the same.

The rapid industrialization and digitization will require Engineers as an incremental force. Several educational institutions in Greater Noida and adjoining area cannot even come close to the way the academic curriculum and pedagogies are handled. Class-room methodologies, added with practical industry exposure, add on to make an impactful impression on the mind of the young students, which he is able to use purposefully in future.

Students here also experience well planned exposure to the industry, well timed internships expose them to the realities of work place, as a result they gain to adapt to everything they need to start their professional journey.


Neuro -aesthetics is an expanding field in cognitive Science. Aesthetic architecture probes brain capacity to understand the world through their senses using the architectural environment for thinking processes. Keeping this in mind IIMT is very tastefully designed to give students an additional source of inspiration to unleash your creativity to boost your academics.

The infrastructure of any University plays an important role as students too want advanced and comfortable amenities to study their advanced courses. The campus is pollution free and spread across many acres. Spacious and smart class -rooms, fully air conditioned conference and seminar halls equipped with LCD /Computers are all available for the usage of all.

We have English Language Lab for improvement of communication skills and well equipped with latest software set-up and high speed internet facility. There are more than 250 laboratories and a well equipped and endowed library with more than 500 national and international journals to read.

For improvement and maintaining health, we have provided Gym Facilities equipped with latest machines. Banking facilities through operating ATM machines are also provided. There’s a centralized cafeteria located in the heart of college with other mini refreshment joints sprawled in the lush green campus for students and facility to eat and discuss.


‘All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy’. So is the feeling of this campus. Besides having National and International conferences for additional expansion of Knowledge and looking at new perspectives. Cultural vibrancy is established throughout the student life spent at IIMT.

Being the best B.Tech college in Delhi NCR , various festivals are organized to infuse new energy. D.J. nights are organized for enjoyment and thrill of the modern generation. Various celebrities like Manoj Bajpai, Katrina kaif etc are invited to enthrall the students with their unmatchable energy. Do check : Best College in Noida

Students not only enjoy but remain agile and motivated throughout their stay at IIMT. These medium of entertainment brings them together for being together, though they may come from different cultural backgrounds.

The annual festival ‘SWALAKSHAYA’ is organized with ardent fervor as well. It is the time for all to come together for a multi talent show. This Tech fest is enjoyed like any other cultural show where performances like nukkad natak, rangoli making, group dance etc are enjoyed.

Students are motivated to participate in maximum activities, so that they learn team work and healthy competition always leads to best results. This way they are taught many skills which they might need after they pass out.  Sports show is also an integral part of this festival. Indoor and outdoor games are played with equal fervor. The campus is well lit with vibrant colors of impeccable performances and sumptuous food provided at numerous food stalls for all to enjoy.


Being the best Engineering College in Delhi, NCR, tries to deliver excellence through various measure blending academics with pleasure. Having received outstanding recognition in India, we feel all the more obligated to create better professionals through our large and diversified areas of excellence.

All the branches of Engineering are approved by AICTE and affiliated to A.K.T.U. We are also accredited by National Board of Education for highest degree of credibility in assurance and quality and relevance to professional education.

Best B.Tech College in Delhi NCR

Besides this, there’s a career development cell, perpetually alert and available to all students for assisting in time of need .Compared to other graduate programs, B. Tech degree holds better grounds for jobs and placements.

Due to it’s sincere services to the students, IIMT therefore ranks among top 100 Universities in NIRF ranking 2023. AICTE too has accredited it as ‘Silver Category’ institute because we never lose our focus on the overall growth of an individual. Passing out from IIMT means an all rounded personality for the growth of a nation. in Computer Science


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Best College for B.Tech






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