Best BTech College for ECE in Greater Noida

IIMT College of Engineering, Greater Noida, established in the year 2005, is affiliated with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow. It is considered the top engineering college in Noida/ Greater Noida area owing to its commitment to academic excellence, industry collaboration, research, and successful placement of its empowered students. It is often considered among the top engineering colleges in the area for various reasons.

Best BTech College for ECE

IIMT College of Engineering is known for its strong academic programs and curriculum. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various engineering disciplines. It offers B. Tech programmes in Computer Science & Engineering (AI), Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology, Civil Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence & Data Science. It also offers B.Tech. (Lateral) programme to the eligible graduates.

The department of Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE), established in 2005 and accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) in 2020-21, is arguably the best among others of the Greater Noida.

It has an intake of 120 seats in the B. Tech programme, which is affiliated to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow, and approved by AICTE, the apex regulating body of technical education in India.

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is quite relevant today, because of its active and significant contribution in the field of information and communication technology (ICT), embedded systems, wireless communications, internet of things (IoT), digital signal processing (DSP), renewable energy systems, robotics and automation and cybersecurity.

For example, in ICT, ECE is at the forefront, since it enables fast communication, high data transfer and improved connectivity, which are crucial for modern telecommunications, internet infrastructure, and mobile technology. So, let us accept that ECE is still highly relevant in today’s digital age, because of its interdisciplinary nature and broad applications impacting various aspects of our life today.  Do check : Best College in Noida

Now, a competent department of ECE in an engineering college or institution stays relevant when and if it provides high-quality technical education, research, and innovation in this rapidly-evolving field, and all it requires is a well-designed and updated curriculum that covers the core principles, advanced topics, and emerging technologies in electronics and communication engineering.

Top B.Tech College For ECE In UpIt also requires a team of expert and experienced faculty members who are actively engaged in research, publication, and professional activities.

It also requires modern, advanced and well-equipped laboratories that could help its students in conducting experiments and carrying out research and project in various fields of electronics and communication engineering, such as digital electronics, analog circuits, communication systems, signal processing, and microelectronics, since only a vibrant research environment has the power to encourage and motivate its faculty and students alike in their pursuit of knowledge and skills.

Then to add the icing on the cake, a collaborative partnership of the academics with the industry, especially that of tech companies and startups, is required since that would help the faculty members to stay updated in their times and relevant in their classrooms, and then, this would also assist the students in forging various professional bonds and associations with industry experts and other representatives, and exploring opportunity of internships, industry projects, and other possible experiences of practical relevance.

Such collaborations with industry facilitate both the faculty members and the students in the transfer of pragmatic knowledge and empower them in their endeavours.

By incorporating the above best practices and relevant exercises, a competent department of Electronics and Communication Engineering will be able to provide a stimulating and enriched academic and learning experience to their students, and eventually prepare them to perform, succeed and lead in their professional lives.

The ECE department @IIMT, which has all the above best practices in its kitty, has got a bright team of experienced and qualified faculty members, that includes seven PhD-holders. Having filed for 15 patents, out of which 7 have been published, the faculty members in the department have kept the environment of research and innovation alive.

With the help of their enriched industry and academic experience and expertise, they have ensured and maintained a relationship of trust with their students by delivering quality learning, education and mentorship to them. With patents, IPRs, books and other publications to their credit, the faculty members of the department have been presenting their technical research on various national and international platforms.

The department constantly lays an emphasis on the deep understanding of fundamental principles and knowledge of electronic devices and circuits, computer architecture and microprocessors, VLSI and embedded systems, analog and digital communication, digital signal processing, microwave and mobile communication. It has held AKTU-funded faculty development programmes (FDPs) and conferences in the past.

“The vision of the department is to satisfy the needs of the industry and research organizations by producing informative and committed engineers.

This is achieved by imparting in-depth theoretical knowledge during the lectures followed by hands-on research in state-of-the-art laboratories.

The department is also offering value-added courses on a variety of domains which are required to improvise the professional qualities of the budding engineers.” Talking of the relevance of the ECE department and the concerned branch of engineering.“Electronics & Communication Engineering is the most dynamic and ever-evolving branch of engineering over the last 100 years.

Electronics is the foundation on which IT (information technology) and CSE (computer science engineering) have grown. All high-speed networks and computers work on the hardware designed by the electronic engineers.”

Equipped with the right mix of relevant infrastructure and facilities, including laboratories, library, and other supporting study amenities, the ECE department of IIMT College of Engineering provides its students with learning based on opportunities of hands-on activities, experiments, and research.

With its strong connections with industry and other academic-industry collaborations, the students of the ECE department get ample opportunities in internships and placement. Students of this department are suitably exposed to industry, since the college, as part of its academic-industry interface, often invites industry experts for guest lectures, workshops, and seminars in order to provide the desired exposure and real-time learning and insights to their stakeholders, which includes students and faculty members.

IIMT College has got a young and vibrant learning atmosphere for its technical graduates. Students, guided by the vision of ECE department, are motivated to foster the culture of research and development and inspired to promote innovation, ethics and professionalism in their circle of existence, are being placed in national, international and multinational companies year after year.

Having CISCO, Oracle, Microsoft, SAE India, and Spoken Tutorial labs (IIT Mumbai), MSME Projects & Incubation Centre, and Texas Instrument Innovation lab in its premises, the IIMT College is bound to give practical exposure to its students.

IIMT College of Engineering has got a dedicated Training and Placement cell which assists its students with appropriate professional guidance in employment communication.

Then, not to forget, the courses in Soft Skills (I year) and Technical Communication (II year) of the B. Tech. programme also ensure that the students have the desired exposure to employment communication and practical exposure to the associated skillset in activities, i.e., group discussion, résumé-making, interview skills, and so on.

Because of various student-friendly and other academic initiatives, the IIMT College has received many awards and recognitions, such as best academics amongst private engineering colleges, and the best training and placement institute in Delhi NCR. With its strong commitment to actively contribute to the success story of technical and professional education, the IIMT College constantly promote merit and produce students who are well-received by the industry and companies that employ them.

Since IIMT College of Engineering encourages its faculty to get involved in the activities of research and innovation, the same culture gets permeated into the life of its students and then gets reflected in their general and overall conduct too. Students are generally encouraged to participate in projects, institutional and inter-institutional professional games and activities.

Then, students are also inspired by their mentors to join and be an active member of professional academic institutions, bodies and societies, including IEEE, CSI, ISTE, Institution of Engineers, and SAE India, which helps them in increasing their professional reach and connections, and eventually helps them in their employment too.

Because of its about two-decade-long successful professional journey, the IIMT College of Engineering has a strong alumni network too who are well-placed in industry as professionals and entrepreneurs.

Through a successful networking with them, students of the IIMT College keep receiving valuable insights and opportunities during their B. Tech. programme. Like every competent engineering college, IIMT College of Engineering also provides its students a comprehensive education, supportive environment, and opportunity for growth and fosters a strong culture of collaboration, teamwork, and academic excellence.

Best BTech College for ECE


With the commitment to continuous learning and innovation, improving the teaching methodologies, and various student-support services, and the efforts to connect to industry and stay updated with best practices in engineering and technical education,

IIMT College of Engineering has been relying on the perfect combination of academic excellence, research and innovation prowess, industry connections, and creation of successful alumni since its inception, and it hopes to attract the top talent and produce future leaders in the field of engineering and technology in the years to come. in Computer Science

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