Law College in Uttar Pradesh

Study of law is the mirror to know any society as it is believed that the study of law in their social context could be constituted a scholarly field distinguished by its commitment to research methods it means that the study of law is not only provide platform for the career but it also provide immense skill and practical knowledge of our rights and legal
literacy which is more important to surveys in the society therefore the study of law and Law College in Uttar Pradesh play a vital role in providing legal literacy to know any society, state and country.

IIMT, a group of institutions is one of the best Institutes among the various Institutes of UP that providing the education and gets its individual recognition in imparting education. A group of IIMT working on a large scale as it has one university and six campus which are offering thirty five programs for various stream as- diploma, Under graduate, Postgraduate Management, Engineering, Mass – Communication Pharmacy, Science and degree of Law under the five year integrated course- i.e. BALL.B and three year course – LL.B as IIMT is the best Law College in UP because it offer a stimulating curriculum loaded with excellent interactive activities that present the students with large number of opportunities that contribute them towards their all- round development.

The Degree of Law is a key to success which not only provides educational qualification but also provides professional skill to gain a wide understanding and enabling the students to progress to the next stage of legal training and wide range of career choice as – Litigation, Indian Legal Service, teaching & writing, Law firms, Corporate Lawyers, solicitor beside it College has a research center also that provide strong research skills and leadership qualities also.

As the IIMT College of Law, Greater Noida has been ranked first amongst colleges for overall student’s satisfaction in the Uttar Pradesh because the college not only provide theory classes of Law but also provide practical knowledge of Law as college has conducted moot court competition time to time, conductive legal –Aid Camp it has Legal clinic also which
enhance the students knowledge of litigation these are the reasons that attract the students to study in IIMT Law College rather than in another college of UP.