Let’s be honest, money is one of the main motivation factor when it comes to choosing a career. Every person in this world wants to earn more and more money and that is why the students start searching for high paying job. The salary in every sector is dependent on various factors which include education, experience, knowledge. Although, in India there are few high paying jobs which don’t need higher education or qualification. Sometimes your skills and talent can make you earn more than highly qualified people.

Below are listed few top highest paying jobs in India (in no particular order).These jobs can make you choose a career for your future planning.

The growth in career, job security and reputation of the organization make a job attractive. Different industries pay different ‘highest’ salary packages. So it will not be fair to compare the salary paid to a Chartered Accountant in the IT sector to the salary paid to Chartered Accountant in some other domain.

List of few High Paying Jobs in India

  1. Medical Professionals (Doctors & Surgeons)
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Commercial Pilot
  4. Machine Learning Experts
  5. Blockchain Developer
  6. Full Stack Software Developer
  7. IAS
  8. IPS
  9. Management Consultant
  10. Investment Banker
  11. Chartered Accountant
  12. Air hostess or cabin crew

As IIMT Group of Colleges, Greater Noida offers B. Tech Programs in various fields like Computer Science, Information Technologies and other streams. Lest check salary offered by IT Industries.

Growth is the other name for IT Industry. Every day we see technology evolving something new. The technology has transformed our ways of living. In addition to this, technology has changed the course of the job market as well.

We cannot deny the fact that the Pandemic affected the jobs and employment opportunities we could have never imagined. With the ever-changing technology in the IT industry, the job market has handled the situation quite well.

A software engineer is a technical professional who is responsible for making applications and software that can be run on different platforms and operating systems.

The software engineers are not the experts who just do coding instead, are professionals who work at length on the operations and development of programs/ applications by providing analytical and strategic solutions aligning with the need of the organization/business.

There is a great demand of such engineers in the market and many big giants like TCS, Wipro, Amazon etc. are hiring such engineers at high packages.