If any aspirants, who dream to becoming a teacher in future, want to adopt teaching as profession, B.Ed. course is boon for them. This degree is mandatory qualification to become a teacher. B.Ed. is a professional and job oriented course after completing this professional course the student can do a job in the school whether it is primary, secondary, private or Government.

B. Ed. degree is essential to get job of a teacher in a school. The main aim to pursue a B.Ed. degree is to learn how to teach Pedagogy subjects. Many of us have a vast amount of knowledge but when it comes to imparting it to others, it is a completely different task. In that way a B.Ed. course exactly helps us to do. During the B.Ed. course, students get an opportunity to go to the actual school and do the actual teaching practice so that they can get to about the difficulties faced in teaching work in real classrooms and how those difficulties can be solved and how to make teaching process more effective with the help of different teaching strategies and tactics. Hence, in the course, the prospective teachers are taught how to provide knowledge according to the psychology of students of different age groups and a system
of actions intended to induce learning.

Pursuing a B.Ed. course, not only up skilled you to inculcate good teaching skills but also instructs that how to the work in the administrative aspect of an education system. The course curriculum taught and skilled prospective teachers how to play their role in creating a healthy education structure. Aspirants will be able to recognize numerous issues related to education at a broader level (state level, national level and Global level). This course also helps you to examine varied teaching- learning environments in a different kind of environments of various schools such as, government, private and international. You also gain a lot and acquire certain qualities, because according to the curriculum of B.Ed the philosophical perspective of education is explained, psychological aspects is explained as well as the historical background of education is told , along with all this, it is taught to use educational technology in the best way in teaching learning process.