In future economic progress and social progress in knowledge based societies keep faith increasingly on innovation and skills. An Innovators and entrepreneurs require Skill Development for innovation such as technical skills, thinking and creativity skills, as well as social and behavioral skills and scientific temperament.

To become a successful entrepreneur requires a set of technical skills, but also the combination of opportunity, capabilities, and resources. However, the entrepreneur needs to be pacesetter to conduct the business and the teams efficiently and achieve the goals to be successful.

Higher education plays an important role in providing peoples with skills for innovation, but a number of important questions remain as what kind of higher education teaching can be conductive to the strengthening of skills for innovation and entrepreneurship. In the Skill Development of the stages innovation and entrepreneurship education with skilled occupies an increasing proportion in topical times, so it is necessary to integrate innovation and entrepreneurship with skills education with higher education to help students improve their comprehensive quality.

A innovation and entrepreneurship education must to be based on quality education to caravan more innovative and high energetic talents, so as to realize the mutual promotion between national development and necessity of education reforms. Albeit college students’ entrepreneurship education and skilled based education have their own relatively perfect theories and teaching systems, due to the weakening of psychological counseling in the process
of starting a business, more and more students cannot get timely counseling for various psychological problems when starting a business, such as unrealistic, anxiety, fear, and lack of confidence in the face of failure, frustration in starting a business.

Entrepreneurship is a process that is human beings use knowledge and ability to create a career through thinking innovative ideas. Entrepreneurship is a comprehensive test of people’s quality. It can denote to both individual entrepreneurial psychological quality and group entrepreneurial psychological quality and compatibility. The higher education, colleges and universities are the base for cultivating innovative talents. Promoting the talent of innovation
and entrepreneurship education for college students can not only provide powerful assistance for the reform of market present structure but also meet the basic requirements of socialist modernization and humanities.

Both have the same value focused and academic basis, and the innovation and entrepreneurship education and mental health education have the same goal, the same content, and compatible methods for the growth of Indian economy and future of Indian peoples.