Law College in Greater Noida

Education and Institutions are means to achieve the goals for every person. Educational Institutions play a vital role in providing literacy, knowledge, prudence and provide skill how to learn things. It is educations that provides capacity to learning and create scholars. For the growth and development of any society education is tool to achieve the goals. As providing literacy by any institution is a service to whole mankind but providing legal literacy is more is important to providing legal remedies and more important access to justice making people to understand the knowledge of law through the various modern mode as – conducting Legal aid camp which makes the students practical knowledge of Law and justice therefore Law College of Uttar Pradesh play a vital role.

In Uttar Pradesh where students from other state comes and studies in various stream. There are near about 30 government Law colleges in Uttar Pradesh and near about 300 hundred private Law colleges which imparting legal literacy to the society as the knowledge of law is necessary to all of us. Legal literacy gives us understanding of our legal rights as it is also explained that ignorancia of law never provide any excuse to any person it means, Law presumes that mistake of fact is excusable mistake of law is not excusable. Therefore in imparting legal literacy, these
Law colleges have a great importance.

Even in this times of emergency due to COVID -19, there are no more offline classes but Law College in Greater Noida are providing more awareness to the students and providing online classes in the favour of students and provide interaction between students and teacher everyday that makes more support.

Thus it can be said that Law Colleges have a great importance to the society, state and country and to the individual also. Law colleges not only produce advocates, judges legal advisor but also teach the ethics.