Top 10 Management Colleges of AKTU

What is “Management”?

Management is a fundamental concept that is essential in all types of organizations, whether they are businesses or non-business entities like hospitals or schools. The success of an organization relies on the effective functioning of its management, which is necessary whenever the resources of the organization, both human and non-human, work together to achieve a common objective. In today’s world, as organizations have become larger and more complex, the significance of management has greatly increased. The traditional definitions of management were unclear, as they did not specify the tasks that managers must carry out in order to accomplish goals through others. Additionally, these definitions portrayed management as a manipulative practice that disregarded the needs of workers and treated them merely as a means to achieve results, regardless of the methods used.

Modern definitions of management emphasize the importance of creating a positive internal environment where individuals can effectively and efficiently work together as a group to achieve organizational goals.

“Management involves collaborating with and guiding others to successfully accomplish organizational goals by making optimal use of limited resources in a dynamic setting, resulting in the effective fulfillment of objectives.”

Description of Management Courses:


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a two-year program that offers a comprehensive understanding of general management and business operations, with a focus on practical applications. In the realm of business and management, pursuing an MBA is highly sought-after and widely recognized.


The acronym PGDM represents Post Graduate Diploma in Management, a program that spans over two years and focuses on equipping aspiring managers with the necessary skills to excel in the business world. This comprehensive course addresses the specific needs of various industries, enabling students to acquire both technical expertise and interpersonal abilities, thus preparing them to seamlessly transition into a managerial role.


The purpose of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programs is to equip students with a solid grounding in business subjects and specialized courses for specific areas of focus. By completing a BBA, students can develop their management abilities and prepare for roles in business administration.


In today’s society, the Bachelor of Computer Application degree serves as the foundation for computer science. BCA is a program that spans three years. This degree is designed for individuals who wish to delve into the realms of computer science, software engineering, information technology, information security, and networking technology.


MCA is the abbreviation for Master of Computer Applications, a postgraduate program centered around computer applications. The curriculum aims to equip students with an extensive grasp of programming languages, software development, database administration, and similar topics.

Top 10 Management Colleges of AKTU

Eligibility for Management Courses:

For admission eligibility, the candidate shall have passed HSCE (Standard – XII, 10 + 2 pattern).

Graduation: 50%


Selecting a career is crucial, as it shapes our future. Therefore, it is essential to be discerning when making this decision. Opting for a management course can be a wise choice, as it offers numerous career opportunities. AKTU provides an ideal platform for pursuing this path.

Establishment of AKTU University:

On September 9, 2015, the government of Uttar Pradesh established Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU), formerly known as UPTU.

Affiliation of the University:

The university has a wide reach across the state of U.P. and is responsible for overseeing various programs in 764 colleges and institutions. These programs include B.Tech., M.B.A., M.C.A., B.Arch., B.Pharm., B.H.M.C.T., M.Tech., and Ph.D. The university ensures that both government and private institutions throughout the U.P. offer quality training in engineering, management, technology, architecture, pharmacy, hotel management, and catering technology, as well as M.B.A. and M.C.A. programs.

Top 10 Colleges of AKTU:

Established in 2006, IIMT College of Management in Greater Noida aims to shape young students into professionals who can thrive in today’s ever-changing corporate world. The Department of Management has developed a student-focused learning approach that enhances the university syllabus to meet the evolving needs of the industry. Our courses are enriched with various personality development programs, such as group discussions, debates, seminars, and conferences, as well as industry interface programs like guest lectures, industrial visits, case studies, and live projects. We are dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation and creativity among our students. Our campus provides an uplifting environment that promotes knowledge accessibility and holistic student development. To enhance academic excellence, we employ diverse contemporary teaching methods at different levels. Through a range of activities, both major and minor, we consistently equip our learners with life skills, a positive mindset, leadership abilities, and teamwork. The IIMT College of Management is the Top 10 Management Colleges of AKTU where individuals embrace diversity, flexibility, and practical knowledge.

  • Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Computer Application (MCA)
  • Masters of Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC)
  • Master of Commerce (M.Com.)


Excellence in Education: Providing top-notch education using the latest data analysis tools and techniques. The emphasis isn’t solely on hypothesis but also on commonsense application.

Research and Innovation: Develop research skills among students, encouraging them to explore new avenues and contribute to the field’s growth.

Ethical Professionals: Recruit high-quality professionals who uphold ethical values and make a positive contribution to society.

Industry Collaboration: Undertake collaborative projects to bridge the gap between academia and industry. This ensures that graduates are well-prepared for real-world challenges.

Career and Placements:

At IIMT College of Management, our dedicated placement cell is committed to connecting students with top recruiters in the technical industry. Through regular mock interviews, resume workshops, and career counseling sessions, we prepare students for the competitive job market. As a result, our college has an impressive track record of placing students with renowned companies. Our placement cell provides comprehensive support to students, including resume building, personality development training, and interview preparation, as well as networking opportunities with recruiters. Our placement assistance programs have been successful, as evidenced by the number of students placed in top-tier companies.

Industry collaboration:

In addition, we have established strong partnerships with leading companies in the market. These partnerships allow us to offer internships, industrial visits, and guest lectures by industry experts, just like companies in the tech industry. By collaborating with these companies, we ensure that our curriculum remains up-to-date with industry trends and standards, enhancing our students’ employability and industry readiness. Furthermore, we provide our students with valuable opportunities for internships, projects, and placements. These collaborations give our students practical exposure and insights into the industry’s expectations and demands, complementing their theoretical knowledge.

Top Management College Infrastructure Includes:

At IIMT College of Management, every effort is made to create an ideal learning atmosphere for students. The campus boasts top-notch labs, extensive libraries, advanced research facilities, and modern conveniences, providing students with the necessary resources for all-round growth and innovation. From state-of-the-art computer labs with the latest technology to well-equipped workshops for practical learning, every aspect of the infrastructure showcases a dedication to supporting talent and encouraging creativity. Furthermore, the institution consistently invests in updating its facilities to stay up-to-date with technological progress and improve the learning journey for students.

Research and development:

At the forefront of innovation and technological advancement, IIMT College of Management strives to lead the way. The college cultivates a culture of research and innovation, offering students abundant chances to partake in projects, join hackathons, and showcase their brilliance. Innovation is not just a trendy term; it is a way of embracing life to the fullest. The college nurtures a lively research center, motivating both students and faculty members to expand the boundaries of knowledge. With state-of-the-art labs and collaborative research projects, the college provides ample opportunities for students to engage in impactful research that tackles global and current issues.

By providing dedicated research centers and incubation facilities, IIMT creates an environment where ideas thrive, resulting in groundbreaking innovations that address societal needs and drive progress. Moreover, the college actively encourages interdisciplinary research collaborations and fosters faculty-student partnerships, establishing a vibrant research community that encourages curiosity and exploration.


In the lively and verdant setting, the Top 10 Management Colleges of AKTU serve as a strong foundation of excellence, fostering the future generation of management pioneers and innovators. Whether it’s the demanding academic standards, practical learning approach, or enterprising mindset, this institution provides a distinctive range of opportunities for students to flourish and achieve success in their chosen fields. IIMT College of Management exemplifies the groundbreaking influence of education, growth, and community through its unwavering dedication to academic brilliance, state-of-the-art facilities, industry integration, research excellence, comprehensive development initiatives, and a global alumni network. The college embodies the essence of the region’s premier management colleges. In the vibrant, informative, and immersive realm of management education, IIMT emerges as a personification of excellence, merging a prosperous and lively heritage with forward-looking innovation. With its exceptional academic programs, innovative research network, strong industry interface, and dynamic campus culture, the college continues to nurture the next generation of management leaders, poised to make a meaningful and purposeful impact on the world.

IIMT College of Management is among the Top 10 Management Colleges of AKTU dedicated to transforming the lives of individual students, bringing them closer to the truth of their potential. With a focus on academic excellence, professional growth, and a vibrant campus community, the college offers a harmonious blend of opportunities for students to succeed in their studies and careers.

“Quality education is always the first step towards a civilized mindset.”



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