MBA Finance Students1. Financial Management– Learn for MBA in Finance Financial management is the operational activity of any business that is responsible for obtaining and effectively utilizing the funds that are needed for efficient operations. It is concerned with planning, raising, controlling, and administering the funds used in business.

2. Accounting Skills– Accounting skills refer to the techniques and abilities that allow one to track, record, and manage financial transactions efficiently and effectively. Accounting skills help in doing financial analysis, financial reporting, data management, financial modeling, and plenty of other related tasks.

3. Analytical Thinking– Analytical thinking is a very crucial skill for finance professionals. It refers to looking at and understanding a situation which helps in interpreting and deriving an intelligent and thoughtful response. With analytical thinking and a problem-solving attitude, one can devise smart solutions quickly which would greatly benefit the company.

4. Financial Reporting– Financial reporting is the process of disclosing financial results and pertaining information to
the stakeholders and to the top management. In financial reporting, we usually focus on creating financial statements, balance sheets, and income sheets, through which we can show the financial position of our company to the concerned party.

5. Financial Modeling– Financial modeling is called as the process of representing a real financial situation with the help of abstract methods. In financial modeling, we usually design a mathematical model that represents an asset’s or portfolio’s financial performance in a specific period. MBA in finance,Financial models help to estimate the valuation of a business and also help in comparing multiple businesses. We use them for strategic planning such as for calculating the cost of a new project, preparing a budget etc. in Computer Science


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