Top B.Tech College for CSE

At IIMT, we bring in a change, required for the world. It’s a training ground for young professionals to connect to the expanse of modern technology. Being one of the Top B.Tech College for CSE in UP.  We aim at facilitating growth and learning combined with practical experience to join the corporate world with confidence. We imbibe best practices for the students to become world class leaders of tomorrow.

Top B.Tech College for CCE


Computer Science at IIMT teaches fundamentals of computation and it’s practical aspects to brave the advance technological innovations. Students coming from diverse backgrounds are supported for a number of inter-disciplinary initiatives.

IIMT is one of the Top B.Tech College for CSE in UP because it addresses the most pressing issues of engineering and computational sciences to advance knowledge and make ground breaking discoveries for a better life in the coming years and to develop next generation technologies through ethical work.

Our students get to engage with learned faculties to solve programming problems efficiently. At the entry level only we tutor our students to think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently.


IIMT (Top B.Tech College for CSE in UP) being the top college for CSE in U.P. is an introduction to the programming and intellectual enterprise of computer science. We help with the real problem sets introduced due to gaming, cryptography, forensics etc. dominating the virtual world.

Data Structure and algorithms using python tackle myriad challenges. This leads to ample opportunities of gaining experience in the computer field.

Web designing is growing as the most popular and in-demand area of learning. We, as one of the top colleges in U.P. understand the needs and thus teach web development using Java scripts plus CSS to teach the art of web designing.

The syllabus is constantly updated to match the existing standards of web technologies. Student’s skills are enhanced through theory and practice.

A database management system is computer application software that provides a way to manage data. DBMS Labs by using SQL is taught at IIMT to increase the foundational knowledge in database concepts where the students are thoroughly groomed into well informed database application developers.

A variety of database problems are solved through strong practices in SQL programming. With a deep understanding of DBMS, students are able to build database concepts and structures, draw the model of relational database using ER model.

Design analysis of algorithms for different problems is taught as it is an important part of computational complexity theory, which helps in providing estimation for the required resources of an algorithm to solve a specific computational problem.

Algorithms are playing a central role in both science and practice of computing as its techniques, and strategies are applicable beyond computing and networking. The students here are led to strenuous, result-oriented course of coherence and design techniques. Computing applications are going beyond traditional domain.


Boosting efficiency in skilled professionals, we unleash the power of AI with a lab for proper automation. AI has the potential for being a great tool. We teach incorporating AI into automation technologies.

Most consistent change in research is through AI. Students here are taught automation in the laboratory with a seamless integration of theory and relevant instrumentation technology. AI has revolutionized the world and business functioning. Students at IIMT are made to delve into diverse applications of AI machine learning and Predictive modelling.


We at IIMT accelerate your career with various comprehensive programs. Highly skilled instructors guide you through the curriculum smoothly. Wide use of technology and vibrant discussions make the syllabi more accessible to all. It’s an advanced learning program strengthens your skill for your success.


IIMT being the best college for B. Tech in CSE in Uttar Pradesh helps you climb your ladder of success through the study of internal working, structuring and implementation of a computer system. The students mature to understand building of machines, their design and operation. It’s easier and efficient if one is able to understand the functioning of a particular machine.

One will get to learn from the basics to advanced concepts like pipeline, microprogrammed control, computer architecture etc. It also refers to those attributes of a system that have a direct impact on the logical execution of a program.

Diligent and trained faculties provide theoretical and applied instruction on computer functionality. Planning according to the syllabi to facilitate students is a concerted effort by the complete department.


IIMT excels in computer network connectivity by using various protocols. Communication protocols are vital to the functioning of a network. IIMT is the top B. Tech College for CSE in Uttar Pradesh, teaches protocols that help define the policies and procedures used to monitor, manage, and maintain computer networks.

Exceptionally well trained faculty combine lectures and practical to provide and upgrade skills in computer network configuration. They also delve into current developments and Research. Faculties apply qualitative approach to make the students aware of the relevant perceptions of this field.


IIMT has an outstanding and spacious infrastructure. It is well laid out in a pollution free environment with upgraded high tech labs which gives the students enough to develop and unleash their creativity. The greenery in the campus, which is spread in acre , gives an impetus to people to enjoy it’s beauty.

Combined with labs and ultra modern facilities like LCD and computers, projectors and English language lab for improvement of communication skills. Besides all this students have access to research centers and placement cell and are constantly assisted for employment.

Hostel facilities for outstation students and transport facilities for Delhi NCR student’s helps in their boarding and lodging solutions. The green location and pollution free environment at Greater Noida gives an enchanted view of the same. Employment and future prospects take their wings here because of its close proximity to Delhi. Noida and Gurugram. The training that the Engineers receive here makes them competent enough to face the world.

Top B.Tech College for CCE


IIMT is considered the top class B.Tech College in Uttar Pradesh, because it is always aspiring towards a high level of global standard. It has created a winning edge among the other colleges .With various tie-ups and collaborations, it is providing rigorous training and hands on experience.

So the employability becomes achievable. The students are drilled about the industry expectations and demands and are trained to face all kinds of challenges. Teaching faculty is engrossed in giving them an enriching experience. Industrial visit and training forms an important constitute for Engineers.

Their comprehensive training helps them adjust in the technological world with ease. It also enables students to build industry connects for furthering their internships and employability. The faculties endorse their learning and help them build a lucrative career.


NBA and NAAC accredited significantly make it as the top most Engineering College. Keeping in line wit the high standards of it’s ranking, it’s constantly striving to upgrade its standard. The campus is vibrant and full of energy as students revel in cultural and sports activities throughout their stat here.

Life in IIMT is benchmark for all Universities in Greater Noida with several national and international celebrities gracing the college. These versatile entertainment activities have become as boosters for change.


Cultural vibrancy is seen throughout the time one spends here as a student. Various programs are designed in such a way that the students do not have a dull moment in the campus. They are able to connect to various cultural activities that are organized in the campus on a regular basis.

The annual festival ‘SWALAKSHAYA’ is a program where everyone gets to participate in various programs. It is a time for all to come together for a mega talent show. Though it is a Tech Fest, but there are galore of social and cultural activities. Sports are also an integral part of the fest, indoor and outdoor sports are enjoyed with equal fervor. The campus is brimming with youthful energy during this time, with impeccable performances. Fun for all is the main theme. Hidden talents come to the fore here. Various eating joints and stalls are put up for food fiesta.

Best BTech College for ECE

Providing the best to the entrants is the aim here. We need to build a strong nation, thus we need to constantly upgrade our institutions and IIMT is constantly moving in that direction.

The budding engineers get to bloom and spread their aroma all around. We help students push their boundaries and realize their full potential. In this era of digital transformation, we are only striving hard to provide the best to our students so that they become not only good professionals but also good human beings as well. in Computer Science


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