Top Engineering College in Uttar Pradesh

IIMT College is considered as the Top Engineering College in Uttar Pradesh for providing qualitative education, promoting and improving attitude and aptitude, and getting students ready to face the real world challenges and enter the industry with confident gait. It stands tall and erect because it is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. There are plenty of courses available for budding engineers, to choose from AI to computer science and to push boundaries and explore new frontiers.


IIMT stands out as one of the Top Engineering Colleges in Uttar Pradesh  today for its rapid technological advancement and transformation that it brings out constantly. The integration of technical expertise and holistic awareness gives engineers a boost of confidence for future employment.

Ranked amongst the top Engineering colleges in Uttar Pradesh because of its belief, of bringing in transformation in the personal and professional growth of Engineers who have access to self-paced learning with industry-relevant tools. We are trying to make quality education more affordable and accessible by practicing an optimal mix of teaching and training.


Being the top most engineering college, it boasts of outstanding infrastructure, is well laid out architecturally in a pollution-free environment, and complied with upgraded high-tech Lab. The infrastructure of any University plays an important role , as the students of today is aware of the modern amenities.

Thus IIMT is architecturally designed to give students the best facilities to develop and unleash their creativity. The lush green campus, spread across several acres, gives an extraordinary impetus to studies. Spacious classes combined with ultra-modern facilities like LCD/computers, and projectors for usage.

An English Language Lab for improvement of communication skills and well equipped with latest software set up and high speed internet facility. It also provides students access to the state of the art facilities like research center, career guidance, placement assistance.

It also has lush green lawns for breath taking ambience and aesthetic appeal. It also provides hostel accommodation to all on first come -first serve basis, without any distinction. Transport facilities are also provided for Delhi NCR region.

The green Location and pollution free environment at Greater Noida gives an enchanted view of the same. Situated near Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon, it provides ample opportunity for future employment. IIMT is committed to impart high quality education to one and all and serve the society in it’s best possible manner. It is considered as the best Engineering College as it provides best technical education in the state of Uttar Pradesh for acquisition of knowledge and honing of skills.


Top Engineering College in Uttar PradeshIIMT as one of the top Engineering of Uttar Pradesh transmits and drills the students to become aware of the expectations and demand of the industry. Engineers are an indispensable part of our society. It is one of the most sought after professions even today. With the rapid technological and digital progress, engineering services are being used in all sectors like banking, finances etc. Engineering students are the largest work force required today.

Their requirement is on the rise. The training program given here motivates them to become competent Engineers and to face the new challenges of the highly advanced technical world. The course is affiliated to AKTU Lucknow and is ready to implore high quality academic education for the promotion of intellectual standards in the Engineering Fraternity. The core competency depends on the able support of the faculties which believe in interactive teaching and learning process to create a learning environment for the budding Engineers.


IIMT is considered the best option in Engineering Colleges in Uttar Pradesh because it is always aspiring towards its objective of providing global standard education to its technocrats .It has created a winning edge among the other colleges of the state. With various tie-ups and collaborations, it is imparting automotive training, service techniques and on job and hands on experience.

The skill and proficiency gained at IIMT, which is the top Engineering College in Delhi NCR, finds appreciation amongst the multinational companies globally. We rigorously prepare students for employability, with high competitiveness in this era of technological advancement.

The students are drilled about the industry expectations and demands, and are trained to face all kinds of challenges. Experienced Teaching faculty helps in higher levels of engagement and learning, where collaborative learning techniques are used to interact with students and give them an enriching educational experience. Industrial visits form an important constitute for the Engineers.

It enhances their understanding of industry and it’s functioning as they would be entering this world. It also enables students to build industry connect and close ties with industrial experts who further helps in internships and employability.

Being the best in its domain, IIMT prepares its students for employment with high competitiveness in this era of technological advancement. The faculties enhance the skills in the instructional process to help build a lucrative career for their students.


There is the largest IIMT incubation center, which is one of its kind in the entire state. The top engineering college also has a wide network of investors who are constantly partaking in major activities, seminars and conferences that are organized for the betterment of student fraternity. It helps students in gaining confidence; industrial certification leads to best placements not only in India but internationally as well. To match the standards one has to fulfill all the benchmarks set by the concerned authorities.

NAAC and NBA accredited significantly make it as the top engineering college in the region. Keeping in line with the high standards of its ranking, there’s never a dull moment here as the campus is constantly vibrant and energetic engaging students from cultural to sports.

Life in campus is the benchmark for all Universities and institutions in Greater Noida with national and international celebrities gracing the massive campus. Students hail from different walks of life and from different states of India ensuring a diverse and culturally rich crowd to interact with. Various celebrities like Katrina Kaif ,Singer Sheel, Manoj Bajpai have visited the campus to entertain the students .

These versatile entertainment activities have become game changer for certain diverse skills of students who lean to incorporate endless possibilities through this program.


IIMT as the top Engineering College in Uttar Pradesh is creating transformative steps towards changing innovation and passion of the students. It focuses on accelerating the growth of an individual by practicing a qualitative mix of teaching and training. Research orientation of the faculty is the highest and they are constantly publishing impact oriented research, motivating the students to do the same for their own growth.

We challenge conventions to deliver impactful researches in all areas. We blend in and reshape skilled minds to go beyond their theoretical knowledge. We help students push their boundaries as we believe in transformative power of research and application to help people achieve their full potential by bridging the gap between knowledge and it’s impact.

We are slowly but steadily bridging the gap between business and knowledge, for the betterment of a better society for all. We are strongly connected with major industrial groups of India and are continuing to build sustainable long term relationships with diverse organizations globally .


The campus is full of life at all times. As the top Engineering college of Uttar Pradesh , cultural vibrancy is seen throughout the time one spends here as a student. Various programs are organized, so that students do not have any dull moments here and are able to connect to various cultural activities that are organized in the campus on a regular basis.

Top Engineering College in Uttar Pradesh

The annual festival ‘SWALAKSHAYA’ is a multifaceted program , where everyone is expected to participate in as many activities as possible. It is a time for all to come together for a mega talent show. It is a Tech Fest but with cultural festivities and competitions to make it look more colorful and enjoyable.

Programs and contests like nukkad natak, rangoli making , group dance , one act play, mono acting , solo dance are judged . Sports is also an integral part of this fest, indoor and outdoor sports are played with equal enthusiasm. The campus is brimming with youthful energy during this time, with impeccable performances, hidden talents of the students. Various eating joints and sumptuous foods are arranged for the all. Do Check Best B.Tech College in Noida 


IIMT as the top Engineering  college in Uttar Pradesh is also considered the best in the league in Greater Noida. Providing the best to the entrants here is our aim. To build a strong nation, we constantly need to upgrade our educational institutions. We are at par with the global standards. We are always ready to implore high quality educational standards in the engineering fraternity.

The budding engineers get unconditional support of the learned and competent faculties in carving a niche. in Computer Science


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