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In order to ensure that the IIMT students remain ahead in acquisition of knowledge, it is important for them to pursue contemporary courses during their post graduate programme. Some of the courses that can be suggested for MBA students are Marketing Analytics, HR Analytics, Risk Management, Change Management and many more. This provides the students a strong foundation in cracking any interview process and also advancing their career.

There is no denying fact that the university syllabi have certain limitations as more often than not these are found lacking to meet current industry needs. Obviously, it happens so, due to primary focus of these syllabi on imparting basic knowledge. Advance knowledge is imparted in advance programmes or courses only.

Students are, therefore, generally in a great at dilemma while they are taking decision regarding institute that they should join, programmes that these institutes offer including the Top Mba specializations . The search ends with the College that scores high in terms of academic excellence, industry oriented syllabus, social and cultural activities and finally the infrastructure. At the end, the contemporary programmes with the potential to impart advance knowledge and offering meaningful career progression take a back seat in the selection process.

Keeping above in view, following programmes are considered to have high potential in terms of success in business management.It may be advisable for aspirants of business management to pursue these

Business Analytics.

Programmes in Business Analytics need students to collect relevant data, process it using statistical tools and draw inferences towards patterns, drawbacks, cause and effects to facilitate data driven decisions.

Operations and Supply Chain Management.

This Programme caters for imparting knowledge in the area of manufacturing and services industries including demand forecasting, sourcing, materials management,operations planning, distributions, logistics, retail and last mile delivery.

Marketing Management.

Businesses have to continuously strive to increase their market share so that the companies remain profitable. Digital Marketing is one such tool that helps increase revenue. Various categories of Digital Marketing such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Analytics are currently being extensively used to enhance customer share. in Computer Science


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