B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering: Future Scope and Opportunities

B.Tech or Bachelor of Technology is one of the most popular bachelor’s degree courses in India. This course is offered in the field of engineering. The duration of this course is mainly four years which is further divided into eight semesters. For decades, the B.Tech degree has had an edge over other bachelor’s degree courses. Mostly all the science stream students after completing the 12th aim at pursuing the B.Tech course.

The great career scope of the B.Tech course is one of the core reasons behind its rich popularity. You can earn a B.Tech degree not only in India but also abroad. You can get a lucrative job right after its completion. The B.Tech course has a variety of specializations that helps you become an expert in a particular field. Computer Science and engineering, civil engineering, artificial intelligence, and mechanical engineering are some of the specializations in the B.Tech course.

In this blog, we are going to discuss electrical and electronics engineering which is one of the renowned B.Tech specializations and an ever-green branch of engineering. We are going to highlight what exactly B.Tech in electrical and electronics engineering is and its future scope and opportunities. So if you are interested then read this blog till the end.

Electrical and electronics engineering is an integral specialization of the B.Tech course which deals with the technical aspects of electricity. This specialization of B.Tech includes distribution communication, power generation, and machine control.

B.tech in Electrical and Electronics

While pursuing this course you will learn about different disciplines like radio frequency design, signal processing, electrical machines, power generation, and more. Below named are some of the subjects you will study in the B.Tech electrical and electronics engineering course.

  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Computer Programming
  • Analog Electronics
  • Circuits and Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Microcontrollers

Due to the rapid development in technologies in India, there is a wider career scope for the B.Tech in electrical and electronics graduates. This degree can provide you lucrative career not only in India but also abroad.

The skills and training imparted in this course help you to become an integral part of renowned companies. Now let’s have a look at the exciting future scope and opportunities of the B.Tech electrical and electronics engineering.

Electrical Engineer

It is one of the most preferred career choices after a B.Tech in electrical and electronics engineering. These professionals have to work with complex electrical systems that are involved in transmitting and creating electricity, facilitating motor control, and transmitting power. Electrical engineers also work with telecommunication systems, home appliances, satellite communication, and the power station that supply electricity throughout the cities.

B.tech in Electronics

Electrical Design Engineer 

These professionals are responsible for creating designs and layouts for diverse applications of electrical systems. They should have a good knowledge of computer programs and tools that can assist them in their tasks.   Electrical design engineers can work in diverse industries such as transport, energy (including renewable), construction, building services, and manufacturing.

System developer

These professionals are a type of software developers who are responsible for developing and implementing programs and applications for the backend processing system used in businesses and organizations. Backend processing refers to the behind-the-scenes part of the software which does not have a user interface

Control and instrumentation engineer

These professionals are responsible for developing, designing, installing, maintaining, and managing equipment that is required for controlling and monitoring engineering systems, processes, and machinery. Control and instrumentation engineer have to ensure that these systems and processes are operating effectively, efficiently, and safely.

Broadcast Engineer

These professionals play a vital role in the radio and television industry. They are liable for keeping scheduled broadcasts running, maintaining and timely updating the broadcast hardware and software, setting up live broadcasts in the field, and solving broadcast problems as and when they arise. Nowadays broadcast engineers also possess major computer engineering skills which facilitate them to configure tools and software for broadcasting or for managing live web broadcasts.

Automation Engineer

These professionals are responsible for designing systems that are required for carrying out automated tasks. They require advanced analytical abilities, abilities to work with robots, and good knowledge of computer programming, and automated systems. Automation Engineer uses technology for improving and automating manufacturing processes.

These professionals are tasked with creating equipment that directs, coordinates, and controls the functions of other production processes.

B.tch in Electrical and Electronics

Electronics Engineer 

Electronics engineer are responsible for designing, developing, and testing the devices, systems, components, and equipment that uses electricity as the source of power. They have to analyze the needs of the customer and identify the requirement, capacity, and cost of developing the electrical system plan.

These professionals get the opportunity to work on innovative products such as robotics, telecommunications, computer hardware, defense, and medicine.

Becoming an engineer in the ever-green branch of electrical and electronics engineering would be a great option. As an electrical and electronics engineer you have a lucrative career anywhere in the world.

IIMT College of Engineering is one of the premier engineering colleges in India which offers the B.Tech course under a variety of specializations. The college offers world-class education to its students along with impeccable placements.

B.tech in Computer Science


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