Polytechnic College

Polytechnic, aka diploma course in engineering is being more preferred by students than a Bachelor Engineering degree. Diploma course at polytechnic college is a practice based study. First to know that curriculum of diploma covers most of the core subjects are similar with the degree. And secondly, Curriculum of diploma allows student to join after higher secondary or 10th. Students are being cognitive to the subject in a short duration. They can start their earning career earlier than the degree students. Obviously they may not begin their career at a very high salary package but they can begin career with a satisfactory salary with less effort. Thirdly, polytechnic course economically cheaper than degree course which is advantageous to those students who cannot afford engineering dream without money.

Curriculum of the diploma course in polytechnic college, so designed that substantially it meets the requirement of the industry. Today’s growing market scenario requires skill man recourses in hierarchy at entry level to look after engineering processes, production and maintenance, and industry personnel are most interested to hire diploma students. In India most of the Micro, small, medium enterprises are subsists only on Polytechnic student’s skill.

Scope of polytechnic in India not only escalated in private industry but equally in government sector. There are plethora of jobs in both government sectors like Indian Railways, BHEL, NTPC, PWD, Electricity Department, Paper Mills, etc., and also many opportunities with private sector companies and industries. 

Therefore, we can anticipate a bright future of polytechnic courses in India as a development of skill labour at entry level.