Indian Government is providing numerous employment opportunities to the Diploma engineers who have successfully completed this. Diploma is a three Year full-time course & two years for lateral entry students. It is also referred as Polytechnic course. The diploma course is designed in such a way that students are equipped with latest required skills & latent qualities for becoming successful entrepreneur. The knowledge possessed by engineers is of great importance for getting excellent jobs in industries with high salary packages. The Diploma holders in industries are often employed as Junior Engineers and Assistant Engineers in any Public and Private organizations. Average salary offered to them is Rs 250,000 per year and Rs. 150 per hour in any industry. Entry level positions start at rs 168,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to rs 1,282,500 per year. Diploma engineers with exceptional capabilities may also earn higher unlike others.

The skills you develop within the undertaking of that degree are what see you get paid. Those skills are only worth something if your employer believes they’re worth something.

The work and salary of a diploma engineer varies greatly and may include anything from small assignments to the event of huge plants and vehicles. Diploma engineers are needed in most industries and may be involved altogether aspects of a project from research and development to manufacturing and production.

It is dependent on in which industry you are enrolled in. If you have joined any Government department or any PSUs then earning potential easily ranges between 35 – 50k in India.

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But if you join any private company based on interviews held at institute or other process like pool campus drives then much more can be expected, 10,000-20,000 can easily be earned per month

If you are having your own startup then there is no limit of earning and business can be expanded further based on your innovative skills & knowledge. Average salary for a successful diploma engineer in the beginning could be in the range of 25,000-35,000.