What is Moot Court?How Moot Courts are Important for Law Students?: Mooting is a class or a kind of oral procedure that is very similar to an actual court case. This activity is mostly used in law schools or law colleges to offer a quite similar environment of a court to the students. Mooting is usually used in law schools like IIMT College of Law to examine a student’s ability in arguing in a legal case.

In mooting or Moot courts, a genuine or realistic court condition is set up, in which the learners act as councillors (advocates) and present plaintiff and defendant on each side using evidence. Then they fight with each other in front of the judges by presenting the evidence and then the judge issues his/her judgement and selects the winner based on relevant answers to questions.

Moot courts are measured as scaled-down genuine courts, where legal proceedings and trials are piloted. Moot courts are also familiar with the name of Mock Courts specially designed to give Law students a practical feel. In this type of court, law students act as actual law professionals and assume all the responsibilities and duties assigned to them to reveal their ability to think creatively, answer persuasively, and demonstrate their oratory or debating, and their persuasive ability.

Mooting is measured as an essential tool with respect to offering the best education to law students. This is important because moot courts help law students in becoming a lawyer soon as it assists them and makes their work easy. By studying in colleges and universities, students acquire practical knowledge that mainly helps them in the real world of law. In this blog, we are trying to come to light some of the most important facts about the value of moot courts in law students’ lives.

If you are a law student or thinking to pursue a law programme for your higher education, you must read this blog till its end as it consists of some of the most important points to remember. Let’s start reading the blog (How Moot Courts Are Important for Law Students?) to acquaint ourselves with how to moot courts play a significant role in law students’ learning journey.

Value and importance of mooting or moot courts/How Moot Courts are Important for Law Students?

Practical Experience

This is the first and most important value of mooting in law students’ life. The main objective of conducting moot courts in students’ life is to familiarise them with the real world and how their learnings and knowledge help them in the real world of justice. In moot courts, students act like real lawyers and present the facts and evidence in order to support their clients.

How Moot Courts are Important for Law Students?

By wearing the coat of lawyers, the students act like actual lawyers and fight each other to save their party. This practical experience (moot courts) provides students with the real facts that they have to face in real courts. Through these kinds of moot courts, students can prepare themselves to fight in the real world.

Developing Strong Self-belief

Moot Courts play a significant role in the development of confidence in law students. Through moots courts, students can build self-belief, Self-trust and self-confidence. By presenting themselves in front of other acting parties, judges and lawyers, they will develop strong self-confidence for them and this self-trust helps them in the real world.

Researching Skills

Moots courts also help students in building good research skills. While preparing for moot courts, they will research the facts and hidden points regarding the case that has been allotted to them, through this, students can build strong research skills.

Participating in the moot courts students will definitely improve their research skills as based on their research, they will be able to argue for judgement and will defend their side. This is also helpful for students in improving their skills to adapt the immediate situations and to deal with uncomfortable scenarios.

Collaboration and Teamwork

This is another important benefit of organizing moot courts in a college for law students. Moot courts allow the learners to meet and work in front of a large number of students. It also allows you to socialize with a large number of people across the country as the moot courts are organized for the students of various colleges and universities.

The students of various colleges and universities come together to represent themselves, on how the students learnt to work in teams with collaboration. This teaches the students how to act in a real situation with a team and helps in examining their strengths and weaknesses.

Nowadays, a person is recognized and valued with his/her degrees and qualification that influence their future opportunities. A degree in Law education is one of such degrees that are valued, respected, and recognized globally.

After obtaining a degree in Law education, you will have a lot of opportunities. You must be familiar already with the value of a lawyer. You will have a lot of standing and respect after becoming a lawyer because of your reputation and competence in this burgeoning profession. Law courses instil in you strong ethics and compassion to prepare you to work in this legal world.

How Moot Courts are Important for Law Students?

IIMT College of Law is a part of the IIMT Group of Colleges that offers various courses in the field of Law. Here at this institute, you can opt for Law courses of the duration of 3 years and 5 years as the college offers Law UG degree programs and Integrated Law courses.

IIMT’s Legal curriculum has been approved by the Bar Council of India, which is a statutory body created by the Parliament of India. IIMT’s legal education infrastructure includes Moot Courts, Law Library etc. and allows the students to have hands-on experience while pursuing law courses. Do check Top 5 Demanding Law specialization in India 

This blog this especially advantageous for those who are seeking to pursue law courses and wish to enter the world of Law & Justice. In this blog, we have tried to come to light the important points to simplify How Moot courts are important for Law Students? hopefully you found adequate information regarding the moot courts for Law students. For more related useful blogs, keep visiting www.iimtindia.net.

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