IIMT College of Engineering, Greater Noida.

Polytechnic diploma course is one of the oldest programs of engineering. The compass of polytechnic engineering in India is veritably bright. Scholars who complete diploma in engineering have a lot of openings in the areas of aerospace, machine, chemical manufacturing shops, road trainer plant, oil painting disquisition, exploration and development, etc.

Scope of polytechnic diploma not remains limited to just manufacturing and testing of huge ministry and outfit. With technology advancements, there are several new disciplines in mechanical engineering which are being taken up by passionate parchment and graduate masterminds. These disciplines include robotics, new accoutrements, nanotechnology, computer- backed design etc.

After completing Polytechnic Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, anyone can go for short term instrument courses like CNC Training, CAD/ CAM Training, Catia, Unigraphics, Solidworks etc. Anyone can indeed go for B.tech degree in Mechanical engineering or affiliated field. There are post parchment courses you can do like in Machine conservation, Product and Tool Designing, Mechanical Safety Engineering, and Applied Mechanics etc.

After completing polytechnic diploma course, anyone can go for different position posts in private or government sector. One can try for the positions like Supervisor, Junior engineer, Clerk etc. in government sector. Diploma holders can take colorful entrance examinations for private and centralized banks as well as SBI and RBI is also a veritably good option.

The job profile of mechanical masterminds can be classified into the following functional parts:

Exploration and Development: Whose part is to do exploration and also plan for new machines and their constituent corridor.

Design Professionals: whose responsibility is to draft specialized delineations, manually or with the help of software & computers. Product master minds who supervise the manufacturing of mechanical factors and machines etc.

Analysis and testing: Those masterminds who assay and test different types of machines and their corridor.

Installation: Those Professionals who install machines and mechanical corridor at the customer position.

Maintenance: Those masterminds whose primary part is to insure that ministry is working as per specifications or not.