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Pharma Fest 2020

Like every year and with a great opportunity for our students a grand event PHARMAFEST 2020 had been organized at IIMT College of Pharmacy on 4th Nov 2020 with the objective to gave a platform to students to express their inherent talent and motivate them all and sharpen the skills.Various cultural and non cultural events were performed like Rangoli making ,Mehandi ,Poster Making, Singing, Dance Indoor sports like Ludo. Students from different institutions like NIET Greater Noida, Rameesh Greater Noida, Lloyd college, Galgotia University, IIMT University, Meerut, Sharda University, Greater Noida, Pune College of Pharmacy, Maharashtra, Bhagwan College of Pharmacy, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, RC Patel College Dhule, Maharashtra participated in this beautiful programme and participant of different institutions won the prizes.....

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World Pharmacist Day

On the 25th Sep 2020 the world pharmacist day was celebrated at IIMT College of Pharmacy with the commitment to recall the duties and role of Pharmacist towards society and development of whole world. Students which will be our future pharmacist expressed their feelings with various means and participated in various activities like E-poster making and E-Videos making, Slogan writing etc with the theme of Role of Pharmacist duties to serve the society. There had been announcement of winners of various events who were Ayushi,Rani,Megha,Sanjana. All the winners were congratulated for their active participation and outstanding performance. They also expressed their thanks for the event organized and opportunity given to them.

Orientation Programme

As we all know the beginning is very important part in any new venture of life among human being When a student is going for new beginning it is our duty to welcome him with the fresh positive thoughts and get him aware the about importance of all to make more successful and with the same thought we organized the Orientation programme at IIMT College of Pharmacy Greater Noida on 15.10.2020. The program was commenced with the blessings of Godess Saraswati followed by very inspiring speech by Dr.Mallikarjuna B.P. and persuaded by Dean and HODs with wonderful interaction along with necessary guidance on general discipline and academics guidelines....

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Fresher’s party

It is wish of every student about the college life to have Fresher’s party as they get excited to have this when comes to their mind. Fresher Party for first year students was organized at our institution on 10th Nov 2020 by senior batch students welcomed them warmly and get their participation into various activities like Singing ,self introduction, Mimicry ,Jokes,Shayari etc. It made them familiar to each other and helped them get to know each other so comfortable. Ms.Pooja Panchal had been the winner among the girls as Ms. Fresher and Rahul Kumar had been the winner among boys as Mr. Fresher. Many got winning positions among various categories like Ms Talented to Jayshree, Mr.Tushar for Mr.Talented and Miss Seniors choice to Prachi etc. All Students enjoyed it very much, well connected to each other thanked every one for organizing freshers party for them.

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Debate & Quiz

On 2nd Dec 2020, IIMT college of Pharmacy organized Debate and quiz competition between to 11am to 2pm.The debate was on “Should Bollywood be put behind bars in consuming narcotics drugs” and the quiz was on the general questions of Science technology and Pharmacy. Many students participated in both the events with great the high level of enthusiasm. In debate two teams had been there one in the favour and second in the against. This was followed by questioning round the favour and against teams did their best in defending each other. Finally there was a tie with both the teams comprising of 2 in against and 4 in for team. The quiz was also completed with 88 number of participants. And the participants were given certificates for motivation. Kriti Rastogi, Anushka, Tushar had been the winner under different categories and were congratulated by the all.

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Aim For Excellence