Director's Message

I take this opportunity to extend to you a warm welcome to the IIMT College of Management, Greater Noida.

Message From Director

The IIMT College of Pharmacy is a premier institution that is passionate about producing qualified professionals in the field of pharmacy and its related fields for the pharmaceutical industry and research. Over 50 years, the pharmacist's healthcare offerings have changed. Pharmacists have become an essential component of research in drugs and pharmaceuticals and health care systems, from discovery to production; quality control to medical counseling.

The IIMT College of Pharmacy is dedicated to meeting the ongoing demand for high- caliber professionals in the world by disseminating information, promoting skill development, and instilling values. The growth of employability skills, fieldwork, research, and hands-on training are all integrated into the teaching-learning process. We have a strong team of passionate academicians-who are devoted to enhancing the educational experience of our students.

Students are urged to take part in a variety of pharmacy-related national and international conferences, workshops, and development programs. One of the most crucial aspects of a student's growth on campus is their personality development. The main components of the training curriculum are English communication skills, analytical, logical, and critical reasoning, as well as time management and problem-solving skills. The pharmaceutical industry, hospital pharmacies, clinical research organizations, national research institutions, medical scribing companies, medical coding companies, pharmacy institutions, and governmental agencies all employ graduates of IIMT College of Pharmacy with success.

I extend an invitation to all students to join IIMT College of Pharmacy, the temple of knowledge, innovation, and research, to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." – John Dewey

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