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I take this opportunity to extend to you a warm welcome to the IIMT Group of Colleges, Greater Noida.

IIMT- Social Initiatives

Any business institution dwells in the society and takes a lot from it, It is always good to play our part and help the society in some or the other way. This needs the cultivation of thoughts which lead to socially responsible actions. IIMT is one of the institution which always feel such responsibility and inculcates the same feeling among the students and the staff members too.
At IIMT, the students are taught how to put in action, the theory of morals which is taught in classrooms. Social initiative programmes are impactful in a way that they expand the awareness among the students about the crucial role that business and management plays in society. It aims to inspire the future professionals to create positive, significant and sustainable impact in the society.
The institute makes a positive contribution to the society through various ways.
IIMT team members visit the allied areas on a regular basis to maintain contact with the parents who are from a less privileged background but want their children to get education. The volunteer students of IIMT are given complimentary educational kits comprising of textbooks, exercise books, stationery, and uniform. They distribute the same to the children along with mid-day snacks.
The institution also organizes activities for creating awareness around in society through Nukkad natak on Women empowerment, Road safety, and education – right of every child. Children are also given environmental and moral education.
The great feeling of giving back to the society, thereby helping the ones who need it more than us, is a tradition which is very dear to IIMT. The institution has been donating funds to the society wholeheartedly in the form of clothes, warmers, food items and stationery. During the pandemic, IIMT family donated fund to the PM relief fund and have also taken fresh initiatives of creating awareness about the do’s and don’ts during covid 19. IIMT College of Pharmacy organized a social activity on 18th Sep 2020 to help poor and needy people with daily need items and spread awareness for precautions to be followed in pandemic situation.
This provided the volunteers with immense satisfaction and made them feel more contented.
IIMT group has also taken new initiative of helping the family in quarantine and thus helping the mankind. The patients in the family are unable to cook food and understanding the demand of current time and situations, the group decided to extend a helping hand. The food was cooked and distributed taking into account all the hygiene practices and with all affection and love. Almost more than 275 families have been benefitted so far. Taking into account the overwhelming response of the residents, the institution is now providing meals for both afternoon and evening.
We at IIMT understand that, as an educational institution, we can make an impact through our collective actions. We believe in taking the responsibilities actively and meet and satisfy the social goals.

Free Food Distribution To Covid Patients
IIMT Social Initiatives

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