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It is rightly said that “An institution's alumni are the reflection of its past, representation of its present and a link to its future.”To develop a sense of fraternity among IIMTIANS and Faculty members we at IIMT believe in sustaining and maintaining active links with our proud alumni via our Alumni Cell.
Alumni are known as the brand-ambassadors of the institution and they are one of the key contributors and active members who not only bring name and fame to their particular college from where they graduated from but also bring forth a platform to share and contribute in realizing their true potential among freshers.
Our Alumni cell takes the responsibility to help all its IIMTIANS to achieve success in their lives through our various events and programmes specifically designed for our alumni and current students. Once these students progress in their professional career, their voluntary participation in our system keep them abide with the network and further provide support to our new students. We also feel that there is immense joy in Re-Connecting with our students from the same Alma Mater as gradually it is significantly contributive in our social, professional and career dimensions too. IIMT ALUMNI CELL organises a number or events for its alumni and in these events our Alumni act as a mentor to our students and with their participation in voluntary programs they let them aware with their guidance in their areas of expertise hence benefitting them socially, academically and professionally.

At present in this era of social networking we have numerous groups of alumni on various social networking platforms like twitter,instagram,facebook,wats app and so on with many active members in them. This social media presence of our alumni for various activities undoubtedly are beneficial for students, alumni and even college too.
Our ALUMNI CELL has a clear vision as it provides such a nice platform where we-

* Stay connected to our friends and college
* Gain access to facilities on campus at free of charge or with minimum charge.
* Share success stories, experiences and connections with alumni and students.
* Get involved and participated in various activities and events
* Connect with relevant departments and industry partners.
* share your feedback, suggestions or recommendations.

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