IPR Cell

I take this opportunity to extend to you a warm welcome to the IIMT Group of Colleges, Greater Noida.

IIMT Group Of Colleges Greater Noida

IPR Cell

"Intellectual property (IP) refers to various distinct types of creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs; for which a set of exclusive rights like copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights and trade secrets are recognized under the corresponding fields of law."

In order to promote research and innovative activities among faculty members, research scholars and the students an Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Cell has been constituted at IIMT Group of Colleges, Greater Noida.

Functions and Responsibilities

  • To create an awareness about IPR / Patent drafting and filing for faculty members, research scholars and students.
  • To help and impart training on future endeavours regarding patent filing processes.
  • To organise guest lectures / webinars / workshops and training course on IPR.
  • To facilitate the filling of applications and licensing.

Members of IPR Cell (IIMT College of Engineering)

S.NO. Name of the faculty Designation in IPR Cell
1 Dr. S. S. Tyagi Chairman
2 Dr. Naveen Rathee Member
3 Mr. R. Srinivasan Member(IP Attorney)
4 Dr. Monika Rastogi Member (Legal Expert)
5 Dr. Sanjeeva Narain Member Secretary

Patents / Copyrights

S.NO. Session Title of the Patent / Copyright Patent/Copyright No.
1 2022-23 Wireless Security Systems Powered by the Internet of Things, AI and ML 202211057702
2 "Machine Learning Based Approach to Predict the Impact of Covid 19 Pandemic on Financial Management of Educational Institutions " 202221040854 A
3 "An IoT Device Management Encryption for Defibrillators and Method Thereof " 202211069225
4 Detect malware in cyber security by using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 202211046452
5 Deep Learning based Intelligent Weather Prediction for Future Agriculture 202211038708
6 Intelligent Inhaler for Asthmatic Patients 2022093017304700DE
7 Sustainable Green Inventory Model with Imperfect Products, Deterioration, and Controllable Emissions 202211051150
8 2021-22 "An Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Based Automated System for Health Care" "202111051850"
9 "A Novel Hybrid Approach for Multimedia Content Protection in Public Cloud " "202111052482 "
10 "Intelligent Self-sustained Hybrid Agriculture Assistance System " "202111010773 "
11 Innovative Green (Hybrid Wind Energy) System Solution for running Electric Appliances 202111010777
12 Intelligent IoT Based Smart E-ticket System for Smart Transportation 202111010781
13 Machine Learning Based Automatic Electro-diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome "202221021099 "
14 "A System and Method for Wireless Sensor Network Abnormality Detection " 202221005024
15 Ovarian Cancer Detection System 202211003165A

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