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Covid-19 Test Kit

ASTRA is universally applicable beyond Indian boundaries. Chemical/molecular test kits and Infrared thermometers based thermal scanning are being used currently. But they have the disadvantages of limited availability, high cost, time consuming and not being fool proof..

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(Border Patrolling Drone)

India’s geostrategic location, its relatively sound economic position vis-a-vis its neighbours and its liberal democratic credentials have induced the government to undertake proper management of Indian borders, which is vital to national security..

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Nano-Drone Surveillance System

Unmanned aerial vehicle technology is advancing rapidly, and drones are getting smaller by the day. Small drones are considered better because they are more agile, are harder to detect, and are easier for pilots to control..

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Driverless Car

Driverless cars are the door to the future. Many companies are in the race for developing driverless cars. Only some companies are able to taste success. IIMT innovation cell is one of the few research organisation who got success in developing a driverless car..

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Low Cost 3D Printer

Printing rather than “3D printing” has bought a radical change in the world we live. Now a days 3D-Printing has gone from developing a factory need object to a medical need artificial bones and making it a “low cost” is the new area of development..

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Mini Laptop

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative is one of the most significant, structured and outcome-oriented policy initiatives by any Indian government in recent years. To promote this campaign IIMT Innovation team developed “Indigenous Mini-laptop”.

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Robotic technology plays vital role in this moving world. In this robotic world, it is necessary to make trolley such as “Human following trolley” which interacts and co-exists with them. To perform this task accurately, trolley needs to avoid obstacles and also it must be intelligent enough to follow a person in a crowded area, rich environment and indoor and outdoor places..

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To fortify our border from enemy and intruder from our neighbor side, an autonomous enemy detection camouflage gun turret (VAJRA) under the range of 600m - 800m which can be extended up to 1000m in emergency situation has been developed by a team of IIMT faculty and students in distinct phases..

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Voice Controlled Wheel Chair

Many disabled or handicapped people and elderly people who are not able to move well usually depend on others in their daily life especially in moving from one place to another. They continuously need someone to help them in getting the wheelchair moving. Freedom of mobility is a dream for them..

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