Industrial Exposure

The Industrial Visit is a part of the Curriculum. The objective of the Industrial Visit is to provide an insight of the working environment of the organization and also to increase the practical knowledge of the students. During the industrial visits the students get an opportunity to interact with the senior and experienced officials of the organization and know the working methodology and the various practices followed by the employers. By industrial visits the students get an excellent opportunity to interact with the industries and gain knowledge about industrial environment.
The main reason behind an industrial visit is that it gives exposure from academic point of view. Main aim of industrial visit is to provide an exposure to students about practical working environment. Through the industrial visit students get awareness about new technologies which are coming up in the market and how they have to cope with the growing market. Visiting different companies help the students to build a good relationship with the companies. We know building relationship with companies always help to gain a good job in future. After visiting an industry students can gain a combined knowledge about both theory and practice.

Aim For Excellence