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About Our Culture

Education is something which makes people imbibe the ways to respond to various thoughts and actions around them and introduces us to our culture. IIMT Group of Colleges believes in transmitting and maintaining the cultural heritage and imparting those values and knowledge which inculcates cultural vibrancy among the students throughout their learning experience. Cultural Club at IIMT is instrumental for this cause. Student members of the club along with their mentors celebrate various festivals and organize events, infusing positive energies all around.

Culture of IIMT

Inculcating Vibrancies and creating passion to dream and achieve

IIMT Group Of Colleges Greater Noida

A Blend of Ancient and Modern Culture

It is important to understand what our youth demand and therefore beyond the ancient culture, we provide them with a lively, exciting and jovial blend of modernity through our thrilling DJ nights as well as cultural events like folk presentations which creates a refreshing experience.

IIMT Group Of Colleges Greater Noida

Annual Celebration of enthusiasm and creativity: Swalakshya

SWALAKSHYA-The Annual Fest is celebrated in IIMT group of institutions, Greater Noida every year with great pomp and show. This occasion is an opportunity to the entire team of IIMT Group of Institutions to come together for providing their best to make this great endeavour a grand success by offering a stimulating platform to the inter or intra college students henceforth they can showcase their multi talent in a presentable manner. In SWALAKSHYA students not only present various cultural glimpses by presenting different programs but also exhibit the innovative and multitasking technical projects. This Tech-Fest is rejoiced like a festival where everyone gets certain sort of knowledge along with exciting entertainment. Thehighlights of the event are solo and group dances as well as singing, Band performance, rangoli and collage, nukkad natak etc. in cultural section while the technical attentions amaze the viewers with Lan gaming, IT quiz, web master and technical projects exhibition. The third section of the event can be spotted with many indoor and outdoor games including badminton, volleyball, pool, cricket etc.The event takes eyes when the students group raises the voice towards several social issues through their play. This event provides a golden chance for youth to catalyse the hidden spark of their fashion taste in the form of vogue. The congregationnot only enjoys the impeccableperformance of the students but also relishes the taste of sumptuous food provided on numerous food stalls, situated in the campusspecially during fest.

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IIMT Group Of Colleges Greater Noida

Honoring the National Heritage

IIMT provides platforms to celebrate and honour the the cultural significance of the nationality we own by exclusively organising independence and national day celebrations every year.

Aim For Excellence