Training Module

I take this opportunity to extend to you a warm welcome to the IIMT Group of Colleges, Greater Noida.

Training Modules

Every student dreams of a good career and our responsibility is to guidethem in accomplishment of their dreams.The Training Department at IIMT, Greater Noida caters all such needs of the students and makes students well equipped with the latest trend and practices. This training goes throughout their academics in IIMT and is based on scientific and psychological methodology. It is not only helping students to make their dreams come true but also it createsample opportunities to prove themselves in this rapid changing world and also make them future ready. The best what it has, is its stimulating environment and learnersenjoy such activities freely.
On the basis of analytics of best industry practices, IIMT has designed its Interactive training module in three different categories for the students of all respective branches and streams, which is as follows:
Basic Training Module
Brain Storming Sessions
It is a group problem-solving technique and in this students spontaneously share ideas and solutions.
Acquiring comprehensive knowledge of English grammar rules, student should be able to apply his skills effectively in the given exercises.
Vocabulary Enrichment
It supports development of oral vocabulary skills in our students and we strengthen their understanding with using words in a variety of context.
Students get to knowabout those words carrying opposite meaning. It’s also one of the finest ways to improve their word bank.
It will give students a sense of word choice and how much can be conveyed through word carrying same meaning.
Analogy means similarity or some kind of relationship between two given things, therefore, intends to evaluate one’s ability to comprehend the relationship that exists between two things or figures.
Introduction to writing Skills
Effective writing skills are an asset for any individual and it gives our students a competitive edge over other in this cut-throat competition era.
Experience Sharing Session
This provokes students to think freely and out-of-the-box when learning key concepts for different subjects.
Extempore Round
This pushes students to conceive and generate ideas without any preparation. Makes them address and analyses the issue on the spot.
Group Discussion Sessions
The whole idea behind it, is to bring a set of people together on a common platform to share their thoughts and giving an opportunity to exhibit not only their knowledge, but also to understand and enhance their learning by absorbing the thoughts of others.
SWOT Analysis
SWOT means strength, weaknesses, Opportunities and threats. With the help of SWOT analysis, students can analyze what strength and weaknesses they have, what are opportunities lie ahead and with the threat, student figure out what possible obstacles might arise.
Session to Overcome Hesitation, Shyness, Inferiority Complex, Inhibition, Stage Phobia
This session helps our students to come out of their shell and make them confident to present their view point to others freely
Intermediate Training Module
Integrated Grammar Acquiring comprehensive knowledge of English grammar rules, he should be able to apply his skills effectively in the given exercises.
Word chain session
This session helps our students to enhance their vocabulary in ‘thinking’ in easy way and leave long lasting impression to their mind.
Spotting Errors
It creates an awareness of the basic rules of grammar- noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, clauses, infinitives, participles, articles, prepositions, conjunction, and Subject-Verb agreement.
Role playing Sessions, Analysis & Discussion
Role Playing takes place between two or more students and they act out in a particular scenario. Success of role play session depends on how deep they get into the skin of the character they play. It assists students to improve their overall personality, their gestures, postures and toning.
Open House Question-Answer Round
It is not only giving opportunities to explore mind of our students but also it helps them to sharpen their answering ability, and make them confident.
Panel Discussion
An aim of a panel discussion is to bring top talent together in one area so that a group of experts can share and build upon each other’s experience. Panel discussions becomes helpful if an issue is very much complex for one person to handle, or if the audience needs to be exposed to various people or viewpoints at the same session. Typically, panel discussions have a goal in mind, whether to introduce a new concept, disseminate facts, show different points of view, get people thinking in a new direction,
Effective Communication Skills & Art of Influencing Others
Effective communication is a set of activities which enables students to better understand influential group of people and situations, and it becomes a strong foundation of successful career at professional and social front.
Personal Enrichment
It gives sense of self-actualization and helps them to recognize their inherent abilities. It’s a process of grooming individual in overall activities.
Seminars Being a part in a seminar has plenty of benefits, including polishing up strong communication skills, acquiring in-depth knowledge about a subject, associating with others and renewing motivation and confidence.
Advance Module for Final Year Students
Advanced Grammar
Peculiar grammar rules pertinent to written exams for verbal ability.
Use of Idioms, Proverbs
Idioms and proverbs are commonly used statements holding universal acceptance. This polishes students’ language and it’s a process of adding new flavor to yourwriting skills and enrich your speeches language skills.
One Word Substitution
It’s a process of replacing a sentence with a single word. Questions on it are frequently featured in many of competitive exams under the section of verbal ability.
Phrasal Verbs
Phrasal verbs are verbs supported by some prefix or suffix. They are the combination of ordinary verbs and prepositions. They play a vital role of everyday English.
Body Language Training Session
In these sessions students get to know how to read mind of someone by the various aspects of body language. They read throughgestures, posture, facial expressions, eye to eye contact, Emblems, appearance. This gives them competitive advantage when they start entering into professional world.
Critical Reasoning
It’s an ability to recognize and evaluate argumentative logic.Mostly it consists of a single paragraph followed by questions on the basis of the paragraph. And hereargument will have a claim supported by reasons & evidences.

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