Our Mission

Mission of the college is to develop the following professional characteristics among its students of teacher education.

1. To equip and empower teacher education students with knowledge, competence and creativity helpful in teaching within and outside class room teaching, learning situations.
2. To develop the ability to introduce innovations in teaching-learning and such extension activities.
3. To facilitate optimum use of human and national resources for continuous sustainable development of cognitive, affective and psychomotor abilities.
4. To apprise the students of teacher education with such strategies as are contributory to combat major national problems of terrorism, communalism, regionalism, linguism, casteism and national disintegration.
5. To develop awareness about the strategies which are helpful in developing democratic citizenship and inspiring leadership among students of teacher education in fields related to their aptitude, interest and talent.
6. To develop the competencies among prospective teachers as are contributory to the development of their learner’s personality.

Our Vision

The vision of IIMT College of Science & Technology, Greater Noida is to offer such experiences to students of teacher education as are helpful to them in becoming excellent, a person who not only is endowed with human and teaching professional values but has also the competency to develop these among the student, a curious learner who keeps himself abreast with latest trends in knowledge, pertaining to teacher education, an innovator and a creative designer of teaching-learning situations.

Aim For Excellence